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What makes Brazil, Brazil?

We begin with two intertwined questions: (i) How did we violate article 225 of the 1988 Federal Constitution (Environmental State) to the point of our conscience allowing the genocide of the Yanomami? (ii) What makes Brazil, Brazil?

Immediately, we will say that they are needs, disabilities and morbid desires. Extreme needs of the poor, black and slum dwellers – and never satisfied; inability to think in unity, as a people, and historical inability to form governance with some cultural elite: following the idea that they carried a social intelligence. Hence, we are left with our biggest and worst morbid desires: sadism, psychopathy, self-flagellation, autophagy, real and symbolic cannibalism.

Can any other culture be as happy to vilify itself as we are?

Who knows, maybe 500 years from now we'll be able to explain why a clown, a fantasy of happy children (even if they're not entirely healthy) ended up in the metamorphosis of an eerie Bozo of calculated death. And who knows in those same 500 years we'll be able to explain why this ruined Bozo even disappeared with Zé Gotinha.

In the absence of a vaccine against ignorance, Brazil, including its Universities, specializes in “historical transplantation”: yesterday's memorizing is the successful decoration of tomorrow's class today. It is no wonder that many people still think that the country has been found, and even though, at that time, both there and here, it was already known that we were here – and it had been for a long time. Brazil is really a find, but it is of a different kind.

In this decoy in which our history is entangled, this seems to be the central question: What is there between the 15th of November, the 7th of September and the 8th of January? As it is said, there is much more between heaven and earth than any vain (or notorious) philosophy can imagine. However, we will certainly see the 4th of July.

The description of the coup(s), their sequences or their attempts, since 2013-16, will be equivalent to telling what the 1964 dictatorship was, Slavery, the planting capitalist. It will take decades, with collections bringing together monuments from all areas, starting with law and medicine. We will go from the fabrication/revelation of Bolsonarism, and the state caesarism from 2017, to national fascism (colorful) and its bizarre satires of humanity.

From the stories of those who definitively enter the bowels of power (Damaris, Moro, Mourão, the astronaut), we will arrive at the two consecutive times when the people of São Paulo preferred fascination to the teacher. It will be a report far beyond who counts from 01 to 04, as it will tell us about pastors selling invisible masks against Covid-19 (for a thousand reais), and it will also tell who the “transvaccinated” are and what they think: the same ones who are piously helping Polio to become active again after it was eradicated.

between minions and bots, we will learn that Pasárgada has always been a luxury for many of us. Living among Alienists, Machado de Assis would say, asking for “alien intervention”, with cell phone in hand and invoking the sidereal article 142, led millions to defend rudimentary parliamentary democracy. The planned neo-Nazi penury would lead us to board the worst seats of the coalition government – ​​sitting at the arrivals door, we felt all the possible collision and will continue to feel it, for many years to come.

Interestingly, most of those who accused the existence of another Louis Bonaparte in the lands below (tabajara coup), had to settle for Bobbio and the superpowers of the superior courts – the same kaisers of the Judiciary, sitting in their castes, who arrested in second instance (or first, in disregard of auricular resources) and thus paved 2018. From the seminal Coup to the Constitution, with reelection amendment and reservation of the possible – and impossible to achieve the dignity miserable – we toured Honduras and Paraguay. We learned, and how we learned, about the imposition of impeachment along the lines of Pinochet.

However, regrets fascination, we look at our neighbors: Bolivia, Ecuador. In defense of democracy, always more than imperfect, we went to study, reread, question the first rule: the first rule of democracy is exactly the obligation to follow the rules of the game (without distorting the four lines). In short, we discovered a holy remedy (Unconstitutional State of Affairs), we re-read the Constitution, looked at reality and, dissatisfied, turned the exception into the rule…again. Something we've learned very well since the re-election, but now to combat the creature of opportunism creators. Many believed in washing the soul, and ended up being presented with the Vaza Jato.

After being beaten so much in real life, we began to live between the dystopia of Gilles Deleuze (from the Control Society) and the virtual of Pierre Lévy: the one who was inspired by Neuromancer and the Zapatistas, and was always against the neo-Luddists. Although, at least in this regard, baffled by so many technological adventures (bogged down in the pandemic and pandemonium), we ended up creating a new addiction: there is talk of the acquisition and permanent possession of a certain type of “asshole kit”.

As always, we celebrate miscegenation every day, forgetting the collective rape of black and poor history, and indigenous massacres. We celebrate plenty, with millions living in acute hunger; therefore, he who celebrates torture does not cause any kind. We celebrate the land of the sleeping giant, the country of the future, the one where “when you plant, everything gives” – and it does, it even gave a unique coexistence between capitalism and slavery.

Who would have thought that, in the XNUMXst century, under the Stasi social, a phoenix would give birth to the post-modern captain of the bush – although, it is a captain excluded from the forces simply because he is incapable of not being pre-modern: it is the prehistoric guy who makes the politics of the neanderthal. That is, a type that is repellent to the evolution of species and that, therefore, is built as the very satire of “non-being”, sometimes as a farce, sometimes as a tragedy. It's the guy who applies natural selection, out of hunger, against his already miserable survivors.

From placebo to placebo, the country “on the edge of the abyss” has been walking in firm steps, always ahead of fiction. Our mottos and slogans are endless, after all, our glorious Republic began with a military coup. In other words, we definitely prove that fiction copies reality. We love improvisation, kludge, rule-breaking; however, always within the same paradigm. At that moment, we transformed, even more sharply, necropolitics into necrofascism.

In Politics, demiling, we prefer politics (lower case), more especially when there is doubt in the splendor of the placid margins of some arête (earring); instead of following navigators through the sky of brigadeiro, we prefer the perfect storm of the ram, the famous foot in the door. Of course, for us, “navigating is not necessary”.

The metaphor of the country would say that we are always reborn, even outside the Renaissance. We don't know bricolage, because we hate the techne, but we remain firm and strong in the uncontainable desire to fix everything – including, and especially, ourselves. And we live sleeping in a splendid cradle, at twilight. Which, finally, also assures us that we are looking for eternal enlightenment, as long as any Enlightenment is always absent.

Our science continues to do what it does best: exporting brains. Here nothing is created, everything is copied. Our “innovation” cannot innovate much, because (non-harmful) creativity provokes serious criticism and criticism, by itself, convulses, revolutionizes. It is easier to repeat, replicate, imitate mantras, we are used to the monolith of common sense and theses yellowed by misuse. “Leave it as it is, to see how it turns out” is the epitome of knowledge, also in academia. And we stayed like that, copying each other and, not infrequently, at our worst. Also because of this, the vaccine turns us into “alligators”.

The partial conclusion, at the time of writing, on February 14, 2023, tells us that Brazil is not very accessible to Germans. Since the historic 7×1, we live in nightmares. However, the high point of the discovery, still sleepwalking, was the revelation (by the hands of prosperity theology) that our green-yellow positivism is not Cartesian. In fact, between Order and Progress, we prefer none.

It is true that, around here, “everything that is solid has always melted into air”. They just didn't tell us that there would be no logic. For now, the maxim of “I think, then I give up” is valid. Was it not for this reason (sic) that the “citizenship” of 2018 prided itself on its formal ignorance, blessing itself on its own dysfunctional illiteracy?

As the people say, Brazil needs Science. But we're still waiting for NASA to come up with one – preferably one that explains why making fun of yourself is such a pleasure.

Anyway, until proven otherwise, we start with the example of Portugal, first enslaving us, then constituting and inhibiting rifles with carnations, with the contraption, and for now we are in the cradle of the centrão. Far from the center of the world, we now struggle to vacate that little place reserved for the outcasts of humanity. What a great start, and a lot for a journey of just 45 days.

Now, you say: If Brazil is not for amateurs, who is it for?

*Vinicio Carrilho Martinez He is a professor at the Department of Education at UFSCar.

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