What are Volodymyr Zelensky's goals?

Image: Anselmo Pessoa Neto


The uncritical view presented by the mainstream of the war in Ukraine should make one distrust everything said about the conflict.

We're too busy wondering what Vladimir Putin has in mind, and we're not asking an at least equally important question: What does the West have in mind? Where does the West want to go?

Public opinion has completely lost its intellect. People really believe that Vladimir Putin wants to get to Berlin and maybe, why not?, Rome. The world hero of the moment, Volodynyr Zelensky, says so.

We really believe that the Russians want to blow up the nuclear power plants. You have to have chicken shit in your brain to think that, but, in fact, there are intellectuals who write that this is exactly what it is. Because obviously we have to believe that the Russians want to blow up the biggest nuclear reactor in the world right next to their house, in their lap.

The ability to ask two questions is completely gone. And the reason is simple: if you ask yourself a question, it means that you are right and that you are giving reason to those who say “I don't think they told you something”. And obviously those who are smart don't say that, they are not conspiracy theorists. And so what does the cabaret anti-complotist do to avoid being a conspiracy theorist? he believes in Corriere della Sera, because a serious intellectual reads these things there. And it becomes like those idiots who believed that the Normandy landings had failed.

The anti-complotist will never ask himself: why are the Russians focusing on Chernobyl and the nuclear power plants? Isn't it that maybe they want to stop Volodymyr Zelensky and his friends from doing something crazy and they, the Russians, are trying to stop it? The anti-complotist will prefer to believe that Vladimir Putin is crazy and wants to blow up the world. This is a smarter interpretation for the anti-complotist.

The anti-complotist is that brilliant mind that when Zelensky asks NATO to declare airspace No. fly zone Don't ask yourself: is this guy crazy? What does Zelensky want? Because it is clear that if he wants the nuclear catastrophe.

The anti-complotist is this figure in love with his own intelligence, who does not want to contaminate himself with trifles and therefore does not ask himself: But who is Zelensky?

Volodymyr Zelensky, actor, comedian who becomes president in the wake of the popularity achieved by playing the role of a pure and tough president as an actor.

Baudrillard would have been impressed, here one touches the precession of the simulacra by hand (the anti-complotist doesn't know what the precession of the simulacra is, and I won't explain it to him, I'll let him go on believing that he is learned): the reality does not precede the copy, but is the copy of the copy. A fake president becomes a real president, people love what they see on television: they elect the character from the movie. This is the democracy we are talking about.

Volodymyr Zelensky becomes president after a massacre, carried out by people who massacre and burn women and old people alive. The anti-complotist did not notice this, his criterion for judgment is: did Vladimir Putin attack Ukraine? He does not go beyond this question, for the anti-complotist beyond this question there is only silence. Your anti-conspiracy mind couldn't resist complexity. For him it's either black or white.

With Zelensky, Nazi units, and there are several of them, form part of the regular army, and provoke massacres. Silence from Zelensky, silence from Europe. Opposition newspapers are closed, Volodymyr Zelensky is supported by the oligarchs (but Zelensky's oligarchs are good, and the anti-complotist does not believe that Zelensky was supported by them).

Volodymyr Zelensky is an actor, and to play this role, to make people move during this war, who could do it better than an actor? Can't you say that? And why not? Di Maio, the Italian foreign minister, is what he is. But does anyone believe that Zelensky is competent? Anti-complotist, what do you say?

We know that the weapons we are sending are useless, that they will produce useless deaths, that Ukrainians will die and lose the war. But the anti-complotist does not ask himself: why send weapons that will only produce more deaths and intensify the conflict?

Why would Volodymyr Zelensky and the US want these dead? Why is Zelensky sending his citizens to slaughter? What's the point if even a brat knows that Ukrainians can't win the war?

The anti-complotist never asks himself: what is the point of the West? What is Zelensky's goal? The anti-complotist is the abandonment of reason. Anti-complotism became the ban on asking questions. But these questions will be answered by reality, and it will be too late.

*Vincenzo Costa é professor at facoltà di Philosophy dell'Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele (Italy). Author, among other books, of Philosophy and science at the time of the pandemic (Morcelliana).

Translation: Anselmo Pessoa Neto.

Originally published on the portal antidiplomatic.



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