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Considerations on the neo-Nazi wave in the state of Santa Catarina

“Jair Bolsonaro’s speeches directly and indirectly foment violence” (Carlos Piovezani).

In 1996, in an interview given to the current Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad (Encounters: Luiz Felipe de Alencastro, Azougue), historian and political scientist Luiz Felipe de Alencastro, who in his doctorate (University of Paris X) was supervised by Frédéric Mauro, with whom he worked for fifteen years, recalls that his training abroad gave him elements to think about Brazil out of the national key, from a connected perspective, by the winds and maritime currents, by people who moved through spaces bringing Brazil closer to West and West-Central Africa.

For the historian, in Brazil there is a double perverse tradition. The first is of slavery. The country lived for three hundred years immersed in it, in domestic violence, in the administration of torture and terror, building a situation of generalized infra-citizenship for a large part of the population. Adopting public torture and mutilation as social, political and legal norms as exemplary methods of submitting enslaved people to the dictates of the Casa Grande system. All of these aberrations were banned in most other countries with a western tradition, but Brazil officially carries this until the end of the 1550th century. Remembering that the number of Africans disembarked in Brazil between 1850 and XNUMX represented six and a half times the number of Portuguese who entered at the same time.

The other perversity was the Iberian Inquisition, which was constituted as a reaction of the aristocracy against the mercantile bourgeoisie, hunting Jews everywhere. Officially, it was defined that every merchant was a potential Jew, resulting in the strangulation of the expansion of civil rights by preventing the growth of the bourgeois class, an element of modernization in Europe by destroying the parasitic aristocracy. The countries of the Catholic Iberian Peninsula, precisely because of the violent persecution of Protestants and Jews, created an obstacle with the non-generalization of civil rights. The Inquisition favored confession obtained through torture, which was a legal practice. So this thing of torturing, of humiliating a simple suspect, of hiding the informer, is something that crossed modern Portugal and arrived in Brazil.

Luiz Felipe de Alencastro concludes that we have inherited, as one of the most tragic episodes in our history, the indifference to the suffering of the lower part of the Brazilian population. Slavery bequeathed us an insensitivity, a lack of commitment to the fate of the poor majority, which is at the root of the strategy of the wealthier classes, by isolating themselves, creating a separate world just for them, where security is privatized, the school is privatized, health is privatized and so on.

These historical perversities allowed, among other events, the emergence of the abominable legacy – the civil-military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985 – which, among so many horrors, arranged for its torturers not to be judged or punished by the Brazilian State, encouraging the acceptance of the unacceptable , that is, the possibility of the growth of a broad narrative, promoting the reception of hate speech and violent acts that came to reach its peak with the emergence of Bolsofascism from 2014 onwards.

Jair Bolsonaro's violent and pornographic rhetoric, intensified and amplified by social networks and the traditional media, welcomed by the ruling class, favors the growth of neo-fascist groups throughout Brazil, producing an effect already studied in the past by Theodor Adorno when it emerged. of German Nazism in the first half of the XNUMXth century. Theodor Adorno writes that in the formation of fascist groups, by making the leader their ideal, the following subjects also love themselves by getting rid of the stains of frustration and discontent that spoil their self-esteem due to the sad image they have of their own self. empirical (“Freudian theory and the pattern of fascist propaganda”).

Thus, a considerable group of unknown and despised Brazilian men and women are suddenly elevated to the status of someone who has something to say, who now has a voice and time to speak and be heard. In this way, space is opened up, by the power of social media groups, for the faithful neo-fascist follower to also become followed by others eager for attention and notoriety. In a deeply unfair and unequal society, as seen above, as is the case in Brazil, saying and winning some recognition is no small feat. This narcissistic jouissance was one of the strategies by which Bolso-fascist political-propagandistic action was notable.

In this sense, news by digital media that the Secretary of Education of the municipality of Joinville - SC informed in an official note that it was taking all the appropriate measures to investigate the accusations against a teacher from the State School Georf Keller for having supported, in video recording, the massacre of children in a day care center in Blumenau occurred on the last April 05th. In the video, the teacher states that he would kill even more, about 15 to 20 children, with two machetes. In addition, students claim that the aforementioned teacher often makes prejudiced and hateful comments, including cases of racism, homophobia, misogyny. He further asserts that women should not have the same rights as men.

Anthropologist Adriana Dias (1970 – 2023), one of the greatest references in research on neo-Nazism in Brazil, in one of her most important contributions, discovered a letter by Jair Bolsonaro published on neo-Nazi websites in 2004. In the text, Bolsonaro thanked them for their support and stated: “You are the reason for the existence of my parliamentary mandate”. Still according to the researcher, there is a wave of neo-Nazis in the state of Santa Catarina. In 2020, according to her, there were already 85 organized neo-Nazi cells in action in that state, with the highest concentration of these groups in activity, with white and Eurocentric supremacy as their ideological centrality, with aversion to the presence of the different other, feeling threatened (contaminated) by any relationship with the migrant, especially the poor.

In the 2022 presidential election, in Blumenau, the city where the recent massacre of children in the day care center took place, 75,28% of its voters voted for the neo-fascist arms candidate. Also in the state of Santa Catarina, this year, the singer and composer from Bahia and black, Gilberto Gil, occupant of chair 20 of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, former Minister of Culture of Brazil, ambassador of the United Nations (UN), in addition to having received several awards in the area of ​​music and culture, the proposal for the title of honorary citizen presented to the City Council of Florianópolis was vetoed for the second time by an absolute majority.

Finally, from the Bolsonarist Santa Catarina, the posts of Governor Jorginho Mello carrying a rifle, corroborating the campaign for the proliferation of weapons, and the Nazi behavior of federal deputy Júlia Zanatta (PL), sixth most voted in the state, with the armaments agenda, holding a machine gun and a shirt making apology for crime, saying in English “eat and make it”. In other words, it is an incentive for crime against President Lula, with an image of a hand with four fingers shot three times. Also remembering that, among the many messages encouraging violence, Jair Bolsonaro had already defended the murder of Fernando Henrique Cardoso and the murder of 30.000 Brazilians in the past.

*Alexandre Aragão de Albuquerque Master in Public Policy and Society from the State University of Ceará (UECE).

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