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Army promotes event that deepens the ties of the Brazilian military with Washington

Lula strives for peace in a fractured world. It urges belligerents and key players to negotiations to end the war. Project your name and rescue Brazilian diplomacy. What does Lula intend when he allows a demonstration of the Brazilian Army's alignment with the United States and its faithful sidekicks in the Ukrainian theater?

This is the event entitled “I International Seminar on Land Military Doctrine of the Brazilian Army”, scheduled for the end of this month, in Brasília. The Army will receive representatives from “friendly nations” to update doctrinal principles based on the novelties presented in the ongoing war. Far from being a diplomatic-military convescote, men concerned with the preparation and employment of troops will be gathered.

In the words of General Theophilo Gaspar de Oliveira, who is in charge of the Land Operations Command of the Brazilian Army, “concepts and lines of effort will be discussed to overcome the threats that have been presented in the operational environment, both inside and outside the battlefield” . “Off-the-battle” threats are understood to mean the wide range of initiatives aimed at defeating the Russians.

Among the militaries of the “friendly nations” that will meet in Brasilia, the Western powers led by Washington stand out: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

From the East, Eurasia and Africa, there are military guests from Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria and Tunisia.

From the South American neighbors, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru were invited. The three-day event denies the subcontinent's discourse of integration.

The Army does not quibble about the intentions of the meeting. According to General Theóphilo Gaspar de Oliveira, the work should result in the “strengthening of ties between the doctrine centers of friendly countries” in order to improve the sharing of knowledge and the “mutual development of land military doctrine at the international level”.

The first point on the agenda explains the political commitment of the guests: it is the concept developed by the US army of “Multidomain Operations” (in English, Multi-Domain Operations), initiatives developed transversally on land, at sea, in the air, in space and in the cyber field. This concept has been disseminated since the United States defined China and Russia as threats to its power.

The other points on the agenda are related to the first: the search for standardization of concepts about hybrid warfare in order to combat state and non-state actors through conventional and irregular capabilities; the problems of using armored and mechanized forces and setting up remotely piloted offensive systems.

In Brasilia, the war machine of the “West” adjusts its hands. What does Lula intend by allowing such an initiative? Where do you want to go? Don't you realize that an event like this deepens the Brazilian military's ties with Washington and discredits its pacifist discourse?

* Manuel Domingos Neto is a retired UFC professor, former president of the Brazilian Defense Studies Association (ABED) and former vice president of CNPq.

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