Rescue and recovery of the country

Eileen Agar, Angel of Anarchy, 1936–40


Elites cannot bear to see a popular party in power

For the most prominent figures of our elite, a majority white elite, with a strong neo-slavery influence, imbued with strong structural racism, the feeling of the possibility of losing privileges is enough for them to mobilize in opposition. Having Lula and the Workers' Party in power signals this to this elite.

The right and the extreme right, neoliberals and religious fundamentalists then join forces with the conservative portion of society to undermine and sabotage all social advances. They attack the real distribution of income, they attack the much-needed agrarian reform, they attack quota policies and agendas that deal with the issue of sexual orientations and their rights and the policy related to drugs from a contemporary and necessary perspective. They create speeches to terrorize the most uninformed and consequently most ignorant masses. They wave unreal scenarios where the ghost of an unreal communism will dominate the country in all aspects and sectors.

Lula and the Workers' Party really bother these elites. They are uncomfortable because they actually act and work, even having to work with sectors that are more backward in the face of coalition presidentialism, to reverse this cruel situation. Lula and the PT have this meaning for the masses, especially those made up of the poorest. That of rescue and change.

Lula at the UN “stamped” this real image that under the government of Lula and the PT, Brazil will continue to advance in social and environmental issues. This fact has been unbearable for the elites and they have tried, unsuccessfully, to deconstruct Lula's success by creating distorted narratives about the use of the corporate card and using the situation in Ukraine.

These elites, faced with the sinking of the leader of the right and the extreme right, drowning in accusations of corruption and arbitrariness, without having another puppet to replace, are angry, irritated and, as reality overlaps with their speeches, they are trying, in vain, to change this reality through editorials in major newspapers or in political commentary and analysis programs.

Lula and PT's Brazil will not stop. The project to rescue and recover the country and dignify the lives of the poorest is the biggest commitment. And it will be fulfilled.

* Segadas Viana is a journalist.

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