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Guilherme Terreri is right when he points out the limitations of the PT candidacy, but he is wrong when he signals that he will not vote for Lula

My first contact with this stupendous figure – a drag queens Marxist! – it was when watching that video in which Dona Rita explains in five minutes, yes, just five minutes – and with fine humor – the concept of class consciousness. There we were introduced to the simple Roxellicksen doll, which despite costing only R$ 1,99, is believed to be a Barbie. This video has one million, eighty-one thousand, six hundred and thirty-two views (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmT7H09jR18&t=38s). It's simply great.

Humor and irony, more Marxism, LGBT culture, art, dense and accessible classes. Didacticism with theoretical rigor. Addressing a plethora of complex subjects, Gulherme always brings a mix of fun, theory, knowledge, politics, culture.

With unusual talent and a wide repertoire, the teacher drag queens makes cultural criticism, talks about literature, politics, highlights feminism – in a clearly left-wing perspective. Guilherme Terreri graduated in performing arts from UniRio and in letters from USP. Young and rigorous intellectual, great educator and artist. Your success in youtube opened several doors for him – including in the mainstream media. The character Rita became a star of television programs (drag me as a queen, drag academy).

I am amazed at how Terreri manages her person art, the educational vocation and political militancy. He does not give up talking to many people, refusing ghettos – what some call hacking the system. Rita/Guilherme has achieved a delicate balance: socialist militancy, artistic-theoretical integrity and insertion in the media.

Terreri, a handsome and charismatic young man, who has not yet turned 30, already occupies an important place in our political and cultural scenario. He has contributed – creatively and consistently – to the formation of left-wing activists, mainly young people, women, LGBTI.

Registering my identification and admiration – I cannot stop talking openly with Guilherme/Rita. I think he made a mistake when assessing the electoral scenario and saying that he will not vote for Lula.

I am a militant and leader of the PT. I share with Guilherme/Rita the criticism of the limits of the candidacy and the program that has been taking shape in the Lula-2022 campaign. A left-wing government is urgent. With a popular-democratic platform – committed to profound reforms (agrarian reform, urban reform, media reform, political reform, state reform, public investment to generate employment).

It will not be enough just to undo the evils of neo-fascism and neoliberalism. It will not be enough to beat Bolsonaro at the polls – which will not be easy either. A new Lula government has to rebuild yes – but also radically transform the country. Moving towards structural transformations – pointing to a new horizon for the country.

Like Rita/Guilherme, I am also critical of the PT's alliance with Geraldo Alckmin and the nods that Lula makes to the (supposedly democratic) ruling classes. Such sectors on the top floor that we don't even know exactly what they are, much less whether they will actually accept a progressive government.

On the other hand, the size of the challenge cannot be ignored. Defeating neo-fascism is urgent, top priority, a very tough battle. The best way to advance the program further is to compete within the parties and the campaign. In other words, influencing internally and publicly in the direction of this journey, but always from an organic adherence: Lula-2022.

The pro-Lula movement has everything to turn into a giant, massive wave. A broad civilizing, democratic, diverse, popular, nationally rooted movement – ​​political and cultural campaign, capable of convincing, seducing and moving millions across Brazil.

Practically all progressive sectors of Brazilian society (partisan and social) are already engaged in the Lula-President campaign – except, it seems, PCB and PSTU. The PSTU will launch the presidential candidacy of Vera Lúcia (who had a meager 55 votes in 2018 and would not even be elected as a federal deputy). The PCB presents Sofia Manzano (who?) as a candidate.

With all due respect to both companions, it is sad to think of the role they are playing and the ridiculous vote they will achieve. I have sincere difficulties in understanding the meaning of this supposedly self-construction tactic – which in fact builds nothing, only isolates and stigmatizes PSTU and PCB.

Returning. The wise Uncle Ben taught the young Peter Parker, future Spider-Man: “with great power comes great responsibility”. Guilherme/Rita is giant. She has power and a lot of responsibility. Her immense range of voice does not, therefore, match with flirtations with sectarian sectors – or with sympathetic nods to self-proclaimed vanguards.

Gui Terreri: I never saw you, I always loved you. I'm your fan and will continue to be. Let's talk about strategy/tactics/program/party, social struggle and party struggle, limits of bourgeois democracy, 2022, what to do in the coming years, the urgency of electing Lula? How best to make tensions to the left – what about literature, life and art?

The emphasis that the PIG – Partido da Imprensa Coupista – gave to the “anti-Lula” position of Rita/Guilherme is blatant evidence of both the size of the error and the dimension of Rita. This time our diva, our organic intellectual didn't get it right.

We want more, we deserve more. William is absolutely right. We will make very little progress if the Lula government is restrained, if its horizons are lowered, if it does not mobilize social movements to face the neoliberals and neofascists.

What is the best way to strengthen the socialist strategy, tactics and program in Brazil? How to build a leftist pole, revolutionary with structure, militancy and insertion in the masses? What are the alliances, what is the program, what is the best tactic? How to defeat neo-fascism, articulating social struggle and institutional struggle? It's a hell of a debate, Guilherme. Voting for the PCB doesn't help anything, between us.

Modestly, I propose to Guilherme Terreri a certain pragmatism, even thinking about self-defense. As gay leftist militants, we are priority targets of the Bolsonarist hordes. Are we going to throw ourselves into the Lula campaign, fight “from the inside”? And inject more Marxism, more feminism, more culture, more human rights, more sexual diversity, more, more, more. ..

Explore lull soon Dona Rita. Kisses with admiration.

* Julian Rodrigues is a teacher and journalist. LGBTI and Human Rights Activist; he was coordinator of LGBT policies for the city of São Paulo (Haddad administration).


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