Roger Waters in Brazil



The singer is the preferred target of the Zionist lobby

After more than half a century of a hugely successful career, it's safe to assume that Roger Waters' political views are well known. He is an active anti-fascist, which is well recorded both in the Pink Floyd period and in his solo work.

Because now the vice-president of the Israeli Confederation of Brazil, Ary Bergher, wants to prevent him from performing in Brazil, for being a “Nazi”.

Ary Bergher is a notorious Bolsonarist. He became known for assaulting an 88-year-old woman who spoke against the then candidate, in 2018, at a dance festival at Clube Hebraica: “You thief, motherfucker, I’m going to kill you”.

The repercussions of the case made Ary Bergher resign as president of the Israeli Federation of Rio de Janeiro. As her “myth” would later do, she blamed it on “possible adverse side effects from medications I recently started using”. Believe whoever you want.

What bothers Roger Waters is anti-fascism, anti-racism. The singer has always spoken out in favor of egalitarian causes. He was active in the fight against apartheid South African. Denounced Jair Bolsonaro on his last Brazilian tour. And today, consistent with this anti-fascism and anti-racism, it is engaged in the BDS campaign – for “boycott, divestment and sanctions” against the State of Israel, until the genocidal action against the Palestinian people is stopped.

Therefore, it is the preferred target of LOBBY Zionist.

The absurd denunciation of apology for Nazism is part of this harassment. It was invented in Germany.

In the middle of the show he wears a uniform that refers to Nazism? Yes. It is a reference to The Wall: the album, the film (directed by Alan Parker), the rock opera. There is both the memory of the Second World War and an inspired critique of capitalist society, in which the parallel with Nazism plays an important role.

Making a bad comparison, it is as if an actor were accused of apology for Nazism for portraying Hitler in a play or film with an anti-Nazi content.

The denunciation, however, has been echoed by the world and also Brazilian press, which opens space for declarations and articles by allegedly indignant Zionist-Bolsonaristas.

but it's pure fake news.

They even invented that Flávio Dino had announced that he was going to arrest Roger Waters. The minister denied it, said that the case had not yet reached him and explained the obvious: it is a crime to use insignia “for the purposes of promoting Nazism”.

Throwing accusations of anti-Semitism at critics is Israel's weapon for interdicting debate about its expansionist and genocidal policies. In the press, at the University, in all spaces, the Zionists abuse this stratagem.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people, however, is a moral duty for anyone concerned with human rights. Roger Waters deserves our applause.

* Luis Felipe Miguel He is a professor at the Institute of Political Science at UnB. Author, among other books, of Democracy in the capitalist periphery: impasses in Brazil (authentic).

Originally posted on the author's Facebook page.

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