Senators, call the commanders!

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Pazuello and his colonels-companions went to fulfill a mission assigned by a superior hierarchy in the Ministry of Health

General Pazuello did not occupy the Ministry of Health on the recommendation of a political current. He was not named for affinities with the folder. It wasn't even the President's choice, who, incidentally, owes his position to the support provided by military corporations, in particular the commander of the Army, as he publicly acknowledged.

Pazuello and his colonels-companions went to fulfill a mission assigned by the superior hierarchy. Perhaps the only moment the former minister spoke with fairness was when he explained the reason for his resignation: “mission accomplished”.

If the mission resulted in tragedy, let the senators not free the hierarchical chain. The man was wearing a jacket, but he was still an active-duty general who was absolutely restricted by his superiors.

I retained what I heard at the beginning of the tragedy: Pazuello would be the right guy to take whatever it takes in the right way and at the right time; he was good at logistics; the ministry's policy would be defined, lacking an intendant; Facing a pandemic would be managing a crisis, and you need someone who knows how to send...

Some want the responsibility of the General-Minister; others, that of its commander-in-chief, the President.

What about the military commanders who chose Pazuello and his team of active-duty officers who occupied the Ministry of Health?

General Pujol signed the release of these men. Moreover, under his command, the Corporation produced large amounts of ineffective medicine, wasting public resources.

To avoid uncomfortable questions, Pazuello would say: it's not my responsibility; it was not up to me to interfere in the case; this is a problem for the technical staff; I don't have to consider orders issued through social networks… It sounded like a remote attendant from a company: “the system does not recognize your question”. The general disappeared, the obtuse bureaucrat remained.

I didn't feel sorry for Pazuello when a woman called him a liar. And I got irritated when the senator who was directing the works asked his colleague to calm down. No one demanded calm from the other justifiably excited senators.

But, in fact, my curiosity turned to the reactions of the casino, as the officers' restaurant is called. (The troop is fed at the “ranch”).

If it's hard for those in the barracks to see a general being dismantled in front of politicians, imagine if the accusation of not telling the truth comes from a woman!

I keep hoping that the Senate, intimidated, will not be lost by cowardice. Pazuello is not an isolated actor in the macabre plot that killed thousands of men and women.

The military is a public servant very well paid by society. May society, represented by parliamentarians, cover its responsibilities and send him back to his institutional duties.

* Manuel Domingos Neto is a retired UFC/UFF professor, former president of the Brazilian Defense Studies Association (ABED) and former vice president of CNPq.


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