Zionism – superior stage of Anglo-Saxon colonialism

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Israel is an Anglo-Saxon invention, recurrently used over the decades by the USA and England

Zionism is a form of white and European racial supremacy over Arabs. An instrument of capitalist and Western interests in the Middle East. It is a contemporary variation of XNUMXth century racialization, seen by the West (and Westernized non-Western countries, with a dominant class submissive to this racialization) as a powerful means of intervention in the main gas and oil producing region on the planet.

As Joe Biden told congressmen in 1986, “If we look at the Middle East, I think it's time for those who support Israel, as most of us do, to stop apologizing for supporting Israel. There's nothing to apologize for, nothing. It was the best investment of 3 billion dollars that we are making. If Israel did not exist, the US would need to invent Israel to protect our interests in the region. The US would need to invent Israel.”

It's no secret, Israel is an Anglo-Saxon invention, repeatedly used over the decades by the USA and England. There is no country Commonwealth with a minimally divergent position. On the contrary, the tuning is orchestral. The United States and England systematically supported white South Africa in the apartheid. Alongside Israel, they supplied weapons and prevented actions at the UN against South Africa. Israel even sent special troops to fight alongside South African supremacist troops against Angolans (MPLA), Namibians (SWAPO) and Cubans. The USA and England (Reagan and Thatcher) classified Nelson Mandela and the ANC as terrorists.

Nelson Mandela was on the US terrorist list until 2008. They did the same in Libya and Iraq, where Gaddafi would be an Africanist terrorist and Sadam would possess weapons of mass destruction. After the complete destruction of the countries, the genocide of their people and the assassinations of the two leaders, North American, French and English companies profit enormously to this day.

There is no surprise in the American position on the Israeli “final solution” regarding the two million Palestinians. Joe Biden is consistent with the North American geopolitical dynamics, shared by Democrats and Republicans. Classifying colonized enemies as terrorists is a modus operandi of the imperialist media to justify the apartheid and genocide. It was like that with the Zulus and other ethnicities in South Africa. It's like that with the Palestinians in favor of Israel.

The Brazilian extreme right shows incredible alignment with North American interests, to the point that today it is not possible to see any political distinction. The Brazilian extreme right has transformed into a US branch, inflamed by neo-Pentecostal fundamentalism. Israeli ethnic supremacism, based on a supposed Christianized Judaism, is the center of evangelical fundamentalism in the USA and Brazil. For some evangelicals, or for all fundamentalists, an ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians would be a direct order from the Christian God, a divine and apocalyptic act. This is the level of Israel's great support in the West: Christian fundamentalism.

Israeli ethnic supremacism is based on a supposed “Jewishness”, which would even be measured by genetic tests. This is what was seen in the surprising case of the Igbos in Nigeria, who claim to have Jewish ancestry. In addition to the issue of ethnicity, what is important here is that the measurement of Jewishness carried out by the State of Israel was a genetic test, accepted exclusively by the Israeli “academy”, which would have been able to find DNA markers exclusive to Jews.

Soon the Jews, who bleached their skin through miscegenation on the European continent to the point that today they are phenotypically confused with a German by almost all Brazilians. A substantial part of the support of the Brazilian ruling class and middle class, as well as neo-Pentecostals, is due to the fact that members of Jewish communities are white in Brazil and the American continent, including a substantial part of the USA. They would be representatives of Western and Christian whiteness against the Arab and Muslim barbarians.

This genetic test would go back to the DNA of the imaginary tribes that fled Israel and the last diaspora (70 BC). A racial myth. The fact here is that Israel is the first country on the planet to explicitly link citizenship to genetics. If the Igbo's results had been positive, according to arbitrary and scientifically unaccepted standards outside of Israel, they would have gained citizenship – in the current mythology of the Israeli far right, the search for remnants of the imaginary tribes of Israel is financed.

Therefore, Israel is a country without a constitution that links citizenship to genetics. It is a racial state, like Nazi Germany and South Africa, including mythological racism, as done by Germanic (neo)paganism and occultism. Zionism is a variant of the Western racialization of Arabs, the “animals” in the mouth of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Like any racial state, it pursued a racist policy against non-citizens, including the infamous “Israeli Arabs”. Since 1947, Arabs have been pushed into territories that have allowed Israel total control over their lives, as the issue of water and energy proves. The biggest proof that Gaza is a concentration camp is Israel's absolute control over water, as in the apocalyptic film Mad Max, in which Immortan Joe closes the water pipes to the population living in the desert. To have absolute control over water, Israel concreted the few artesian wells that existed in Gaza. Today, Israel literally turns off a tap and turns off switches, having total control over the reproduction of Palestinian lives.

Colonization transforms, with the help of Western media (a reproductive product of colonization and white racialization), the non-citizen colonized into an animal – hence the explicit and implicit acceptance of the use of “animals” to refer to Palestinians. Any uprising is seen as an animalized and irrational form of expression, today transformed into “terrorism”, a non-concept that is valid only and exclusively for non-whites. Destroying Libya is not terrorism. Destroying occupation kibbutz on Palestinian lands, according to the UN itself, is terrorism. Killing 400 Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani civilians is not terrorism. Killing a thousand Israeli civilians, according to the new Western racialization of Jews turned white, is terrorism.

Terrorism does not have a minimally valid concept, as it has always depended on who has the power to classify groups as terrorists or non-terrorists. When Osama Bin Laden fought against the USSR, he was a libertarian, according to the December 03, 1993 edition of The Independent. When the Taliban fought against the USSR, destroying Afghanistan and women's “rights”, they were called “freedom fighters” by the US and Reagan. When they fought against the US, they turned into terrorists.

The uprising of Palestinians against Israeli colonial occupation is on the same level as the uprising of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto against the Germans and the uprising of Zulus in Soweto against white South Africans. If it happened with Hamas, an extreme right-wing group in the Palestinian political scene, it is basically due to the action of Israel, which financed it through Qatar to undermine Fatah, the PLO and all nationalist and secular groups and parties, almost all left-wing. Israel killed Arafat. As the philosopher Murici Ramalho would say, “the ball punishes”.

This was the plan of Zionism. The right-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz published on October 09th a private meeting in 2019 of Likud, in which Benjamin Netanyahu argued that “anyone who wants to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state must support the strengthening of Hamas and the transfer of money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy.” This fact, far from a conspiracy theory, had already been confessed by Yitzhak Segev, military governor of Gaza in the 1980s and Israeli brigadier general, to the New York Times, which transferred resources to mosques linked to the group. The Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian group close to Hamas, was financed by the US to combat secular Arab countries and movements with a socialist orientation, such as Nasser's Egypt and pan-Arabism.

O Haaretz explicitly mentions that Likud’s policy is “ethnic cleansing”. Ethnic cleansing is not seen, in the West and in Westernized countries, as terrorism. If it is not seen, it must be said that the media is supremacist and in favor of the ethnic cleansing of Arabs. The use of the term “mistake” to describe the work of Brazilian newspapers is embarrassing. They are in favor of Israeli ethnic cleansing against Arabs in the same way that they have always financed and promoted racial cleansing against black people in Brazil, animalizing them in their “police programs”.

Jorge Pontual and Demétrio Magnoli, this supremacist who became an ardent denouncer of “black identitarianism” in Brazil, alongside Antônio Risério, show in a didactic and simple way that, in the Brazilian news, Arabs are black Brazilians. They must be eliminated in the name of the white, liberal West. If for religious fundamentalists the Palestinians must be eliminated by God's design, for liberals the Palestinians must be eliminated in the name of the Western liberal order.

A fake of decapitated babies existed in Libya and Iraq, as well as many others – this is the case of fake about haircuts in North Korea, which end up enlarging the childish imagination of religious fundamentalists and Western liberals. It is a racialized pattern to “animalize” the colonized, the “terrorists”. It is a pattern of imperialism in the Middle East, an English invention.

As fake of “barbaric crimes”, as if throwing a bomb at ambulances were “non-crimes” or “non-barbaric crimes”, are an expedient that aims to qualify the colonized as “uncivilized”, since “civilization” and the “civilizing reserve” would belong to the colonizers. The “civilizing reserve” justified and justifies colonization itself, from the enslavement of Africans to the genocides of Chinese and Indians in the XNUMXth century by the English, as shown by Mike Davis in the book colonial holocausts.

What we are witnessing is an attempt to apply a colonial holocaust carried out by the State of Israel under the vengeful design of a Christian God, in the name of Western values. Coherent, as the West is synonymous with genocide.

*Leonardo Sacramento is a teacher of basic education and pedagogue at IFSP. Author, among other books, of Discourse on White: Notes on Racism and the Apocalypse of Liberalism (Mall).

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