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Arguing with genocides is a waste of time: they only believe in the “argument” of force

On July 24, 2014, furious because the Brazilian government had “strongly condemned the disproportionate use of force by Israel in the Gaza Strip”, summoning the ambassador in Tel Aviv for consultations, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded by classifying Brazil as a “dwarf diplomatic". In addition to being insolent, the reply committed the gross rudeness of using a biological contingency (dwarfism and childhood growth disorder) as an insult.

However, there were and continue to be extreme right-wing sycophants here who applauded the “diplomacy” of the country of “apartheid” and attacked ours… The best known is the abominable Sérgio Moro, who continues to shout his support for the annihilation of the Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli war criminals.

The Tel Aviv statement contained an emphatic appeal: “Israel expects the support of its friends in the fight against Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by many countries around the world.” By “many countries” they obviously mean the American empire and its vassals, of which Israel itself is the chief vassal. The statement cynically omits the support of his country's secret services for the formation of Hamas to divide the Palestinian resistance and weaken the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), recognized by the Arab League in October 1964 as “the only legitimate representative of Palestinian people” and eliminate Yasser Arafat, its main historical leader.

Haaretz, the most important Israeli newspaper, published evidence confirming that Benjamin Netanyahu, determined to prevent the viability of the Palestinian state by all means, admitted in a private meeting of his Likud party, in 2019, that “whoever wants to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state it must support the strengthening of Hamas and the transfer of money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy.” (cf. Intercept Brazil, 11/10/2023).

The cold shamelessness of Benjamin Netanyahu and those around him in executing this strategy is part of a long sequence of killings that paved the way for the formation and expansion of the State of Israel. One of the first occurred on July 22, 1946, even before the ill-fated partition of Palestine. The terrorist group Irgun, commanded by Menachem Begin, introduced a heavy load of explosives into the kitchen of the King David hotel in Jerusalem, where employees of the British Mandate of Palestine (established by the League of Nations in 1923, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire).

The explosion shook old Jerusalem: 91 dead, including 28 British, 41 Arabs and 17 Jews and more than a hundred injured. The immediate objective was to destroy the British archives, which contained extensive documentation on Zionist terror, but they also wanted to terrify the Palestinian population, forcing them to flee their homes. Commemorating, in July 2006, this feat that the Zionist faction is proud of, Benjamin Netanyahu and his henchmen placed a commemorative plaque in the King David hotel in honor of the Irgun terrorists.

The list of Zionist attacks against the Palestinians is long and dark. Some of the most atrocious events occurred during the months that preceded the end of the British mandate, set by the UN for May 15, 1948. Determined to conquer as much ground as possible for the Israeli state that they intended to proclaim on that date, the Zionists, using the Given the superiority of their military organization, they expanded the scale of their offensive. Between December 1947 and March 1948, many Arab villages (Beld Shaikh, Sasa, Karf, etc.) were wiped off the map by the Haganah, the main clandestine Zionist armed organization, and by the Stern and Yrgun groups, two death squads specializing in the most sordid and cowardly terrorist actions, in which future Prime Ministers Begin and Shamir honed their peculiar militant careers.

Determined to surpass the Haganah in the hunt for the Arab, they attacked by surprise in the early hours of Friday, April 9, 1948, the village of Deir Yassin, whose defenseless population was slaughtered in an orgy of bestiality that did not even spare pregnant women, whose wombs were cut open. to stabs. Two hundred and fifty-four Palestinians were slaughtered; dozens of girls were raped.[1]

In December 1948, when Menachem Begin, the highest leader of the Irgun, was received by his co-religionists in New York, eminent members of the Jewish community, including Albert Einstein, released a manifesto in which they firmly dissociated themselves from the executioners of Deir Yassine: “ […]the terrorists [from the Stern and Irgun groups] attacked this peaceful village (Deir Yassin).[…] They massacred […]almost all of the inhabitants, leaving some alive to display as prisoners in the streets of Jerusalem. Most of the Jewish community was horrified by this act. […] But the terrorists […] were proud of the massacre, inviting all foreign correspondents […] to see the piled up corpses […]”.

Years later, in a letter to his friend Haim Ghori, dated May 15, 1963, Ben-Gurion, patriarch of social-democratic Zionism and main founder of the State of Israel, characterized Menachem Begin as follows: “[…] he is a well-made character from the head to the soles of the feet in the image of the Hitlerian model. He is willing to eliminate all Arabs to complete the country's borders. […]. I consider him a great danger to Israel [...]”. If he comes to power, continues Ben-Gurion, he will place “criminals of his kind at the head of the police and the army”. And he concluded: “I have no doubt that Begin hates Hitler, but this hatred does not prove that he is different from Hitler.” Sixty years later, it is certainly the case to say of Benjamin Netanyahu what Ben-Gurion said of Menachem Begin.

Before our eyes parade the unbearable horrors of Zionist “diplomacy” in Gaza, the same one that called Brazil a “diplomatic dwarf”. Arguing with genocides is a waste of time: they only believe in the “argument” of force. Instead, on October 30, holding the presidency of the Security Council, Minister Mauro Vieira honored Brazilian diplomacy by expressing the majority consensus of the 120 UN member countries that voted in favor of an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza strip, asking: “How many lives will be lost before we take action?” If it depends on Menachem Biden, protector of Benjamin Netanyahu, as many as necessary to empty the ghetto from Gaza.

*João Quartim de Moraes He is a retired full professor at the Department of Philosophy at Unicamp. Author, among other books, of The military left in Brazil (popular expression) (https://amzn.to/3snSrKg).


[1] One of the most objective accounts of the Deir Yassin massacre is in the book Oh Jerusalem, written by journalists Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins, in the French edition, Paris: Laffont, 1971, pp.363-369.

The testimonies of the few survivors and the reports of UN-mandated English police officers were collected by Sir RC Catling, Deputy Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department in the “secret and urgent” folder no. 179/11017/65.

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