About the elections for the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo

Image: Hamilton Grimaldi

Manifest in support of plate 1 “cau + plural” against any coup attempt!

In the elections for the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo – CAU/SP, which took place on October 15, we architects from São Paulo did more than simply choose the representatives for the next CAU management/SP. We said enough, we want to change CAU/SP! The result could not be different: 77% of the architects who voted for the slates were against the current direction. They voted against CHAPA 04, headed by the current president, José Roberto Geraldine Júnior.

We, from CHAPA 03 and CHAPA 05, carried out clean and purposeful campaigns. Without any financial support to fund marketing companies or law firms, the 308 male and female architects who formed the two slates donated their time and energy to propose a better CAU/SP. There were two campaigns that united minds and hands to exercise the full right to think freely and propose, for forty days, the construction of a CAU Connected and looking at + ten years.

Each one with their proposals, what we really wanted was change.

We said enough is enough for the transformation of the Council into a notary body. We said enough to the board professionals. Those who do not produce architecture and urbanism and live off the board since its formation.

Long live Chapa 01!

They, the women of Chapa 01, from a bold, clean, purposeful and engaged organization, won the elections!

Among 29.132 male and female architects from SP who voted for the plates, 11.568 chose this great composition of strong, serious and competent women and who, like us from Chapa 03 and Chapa 05, said enough! Chapa 01 had an expressive vote. 39,71% of valid votes. This is a lot and must be respected.

At a time in the country when democratic bodies are threatened and other class bodies are unable to organize elections without justice interfering, we at Chapa 03 and Chapa 05 declare that we accept, recognize and legitimize the victory of Chapa 01 supported by our 27,40 .XNUMX% of the total valid votes.

We joined Chapa 01 and with that, we totaled 67,11% of male and female architects who voted for changes.

We at Chapa 03 and Chapa 05 also suffer from complaints from Chapa 04, the same one that does not accept defeat and resorts to carpet, even with a state electoral commission that is notably biased in its favor.

This letter is a public manifesto in support of Chapa 01, CAU + plural, to register our intransigent defense in favor of the democratic processes that define the representatives of our CAU/SP.

We legitimize and defend the will of the majority of architects in São Paulo who elected Chapa 01. Congratulations on your vote!


SHEET 05 - CAU + 10

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