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The ceasefire and the consolidation of a Palestinian State cannot be postponed. From the warmongering strategy, it is only possible to hope for peace in the cemeteries when the massacre ends

A CNN claims that Israel planted weapons in Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City. He forged alibis for his own brutality, with the alleged objective of finding the Hamas General Headquarters (HQ). The video released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) about the weapons that allegedly belonged to the militant group portrayed the image of imposture. “Where the IDF military said there were two rifles hidden behind medical equipment, there was only one.” Clear indication that the second one was planted. For the North American broadcaster, the invented evidence was ghostly. They served to sustain the “self-defense” narrative in public opinion. The attacked patients suffered for nothing. During the performance, the scarce medicines were shattered.

The truth was the first to die in the genocidal attack, as happens only so often. O The Washington Post reported that the invaders “found absolutely nothing to justify the action”. The Spanish newspaper El País broke the silence on the colonialist acts of Tel Aviv. In mass societies, the media play a decisive role in manipulating consciences and, likewise, in denouncing. The leak of fake news to alleviate the Palestinian genocide, killing babies, children and women went beyond the limits of tolerance to mirror cruel executioners of the past, responsible for heinous crimes against Jews and all humanity. Insanity took turns.

The Israeli present is not in keeping with the spirit of the socialist agricultural communes of the kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz, in Hebrew) who, at the dawn of the XNUMXth century, fulfilled state functions. The assertions that present Israel as the balloon that fell from the sky, in a UN General Assembly, chaired by Oswaldo Aranha, which endorsed the Palestine Partition Plan into two portions, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, must be put into perspective. in the wake of the commotion over the Holocaust.

With international approval, the original labor movement flourished. The State of Israel was then created, on May 14, 1948, despite the opposition of Arab countries. The project envisaged a Palestinian state, which never materialized. Hence Brazil's diplomatic respectability, to mediate controversies in distant geographies. Lula da Silva follows in the footsteps of Oswaldo Aranha.

Stop the genocide

Benjamin Netanyahu, right-wing extremist, begins to destroy the social aura of kibbutzim between 1996-1999, continues the saga between 2009-2021. He will reacquire the position of Prime Minister at the end of 2022. His longevity in the position gives an idea of ​​the radical identification of Semitism with barbarism in the last thirty years. The madness spread beyond the borders, to the point where a radio program, “A hora Israelita”, from Radio Bandeirantes (RS), having been suspended. The presenter, for two weeks, called Palestinians “animals” to encourage their dehumanization, on air.

The journalist from Globe News. He later apologized to save his job and not ruin the hearing. For another nameless creature, “no one who lives in the cursed zone is innocent, everyone is guilty”. In World War II, the Nazis launched the absurd sentence condemning Jewish origin; Zionism repeats the anathema to Palestinian origin. Sometimes as a tragedy, sometimes as a farce, history is “in essence, a long series of killings of peoples”, said Freud, back in 1915. “Because we are already quite sufficiently a civilization of hate”, confirmed Jacques Lacan, in 1950. The grim diagnosis is not a defeatist invitation to conformism or nihilism.

There is no point in re-editing the controversy over whether or not the State of Israel should exist: it does. Such is the unavoidable reality, the starting point for the discussion about the coexistence of twin Leviathans on that sacred piece of land. The leader of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Yasser Arafat, commented that “the worst thing is to be a victim of the victims of history”. These imagine themselves as having the eternal right to territorial expansion. The solution lies in the coexistence of the Israeli and Palestinian nations, with contiguous, sovereign, independent states, delimited borders, an agreed passage to the sea and the status of Jerusalem agreed upon between the parties. A task that requires statesmen.

The plates move

In itself, it testifies to the presence of 800 protesters on the streets of London, 10% of the population of the English capital, in a country where the immigrant integration policy is the most democratic in Europe, as it does not force the denial of the cultures contributed. . It is understood the fall of the Home Secretary in the United Kingdom, dismissed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, for offending the massive demonstration. The public station with the BBC and the newspaper Daily Telegraph They say that the resignation will trigger a major reshuffle of the British government.

The Israeli Transport Minister's outburst is out of time, criticizing the War Cabinet for sending fuel to the water, sewage and sanitation system in the Gaza Strip, to “avoid an outbreak of an epidemic in the area that would affect our forces”. The internal split signals how unsustainable the continuation of the ongoing racist ethnic cleansing is.

It is worth remembering that, in the recent UN General Assembly, a “humanitarian truce” in the Gaza Strip was approved by 120 votes – including Brazil’s vote. There were four votes against and 45 abstentions, which demonstrates the growing isolation of Israel and the United States, which, reluctantly, accepted the resolution. Cornered, President Joe Biden strikes a tone of moderation to evoke the specter of the Palestinian state, which hovers over hypocrisy. Donald Trump expects the support, initiated on an unconditional basis, to melt geometrically. Domestic disputes put pressure on Democrats.

The peace proposal does not flourish thanks to the economic and geopolitical interests of the USA, in a strategic region, which has vital trade routes, such as the Suez Canal, and half of the planet's fossil fuel. Post-Cold War, American governance monitors the main planetary corners, in accordance with the “Wolfowitz Doctrine” of 1992. Giving in would imply metabolizing the multipolarity that is on the way to overcoming imperialist unipolarity. But there is no foreshadowing that today's “hollow men” will accept, helpless, empathetic and resigned, the curtains lowering in the contemporary theater, applauding standing up for the lines of TS Eliot's poem: “Thus the world expires / Thus the world expires / No with an explosion, but with a sigh.”

Advance the flags

Victimism does not legitimize bombings, even carried out with the use of devices prohibited by the “laws of war” (que las hay, las hay), like phosphorus explosives. The ceasefire and the consolidation of a Palestinian State cannot be postponed. From the warmongering strategy, it is only possible to hope for peace in the cemeteries when the massacre ends. Common sense cannot endorse the outburst of revenge by a State. In the context of colonialism: “Neither terrorist nor does the terrified person, both as substitutes for the citizen, deny the murder. They take it as the ultimate guarantee of a history tempered by iron and steel, the history of Being”, ponders Achille Mbembe, in Enmity Policies.

The Cameroonian philosopher hits the nail on the head: “War was inscribed as an end and as a necessity not only in democracy, but also in politics and culture. It has become medicine and poison, our pharmakon. The transformation of war into pharmakon of our time, on the other hand, has released disastrous passions that, little by little, have forced our societies out of democracy and into societies of enmity, as occurred under colonization”. The repressed returns. With the pessimism of reason and the indignation of the heart, Achille Mbembe notes that “the war against terror and the institution of the 'state of exception' on a global scale amplify this (evil)”.

The rise of the extreme right is analogous to global warming, the result of errors in favor of capitalist progress and financial greed, without paying attention to the social and natural environment. The devastation of rights is equivalent to the destruction of the conditions of human life. A vision of totality is needed for the turnaround. The readjustments associated with changes in the electoral world map, with the center tilted towards Thanatos, rather than Eros in the dialectic of decolonization, it re-updates the dilemmas of the 1930s: for the worse, in the XNUMXst century. It eliminates hope in a more just and egalitarian international order, preached by the optimism of the will. The way out of the labyrinth of neo-irrationalism, which rhymes war and democracy, is the challenge of the political-organizational bloc of progressives. As long as they dare to advance the flags.

* Luiz Marques is a professor of political science at UFRGS. He was the state secretary of culture in Rio Grande do Sul during the Olívio Dutra government..

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