We are more than twice their number! We have the right to choose the paths of this country.

When the latest polls came out that showed the rejection of the Bolsonaro government rising a lot, they showed support for social isolation remaining at high levels, they showed the population’s rejection of the government’s configuration together with the centrão, I was very happy with that, the sheet it fell! But I was impressed that people were disheartened, looking the other way and saying “wow, this is impressive, do they still have 30%?”.

It was then that I realized that the 30% were acting full of security, full of firmness, aggressiveness, as if the 70% were. And we, the 70%, who want a democratic country, who want a country that respects culture, who want a country that invests in research, in education, we want a country that does not accept racism, does not accept discrimination, and that will fight to stop being last on the list of the most unequal countries in the world, we are the majority!

We are more than twice their number! We have the right to choose the paths of this country. We are no longer a public, an audience, a divided population. We are now the vast majority! The absolute majority! And we have to feel that way. To stop being afraid to make our posts, stop being afraid to give our opinion, stop being firm when we say what we think. Today I launched a hashtag #We are 70 percent.

The hashtag immediately rose to number one in the trending topics in Brazil. Ranked third in the world! On a day where many things are happening in the world. And we showed that we will recover that feeling of strength, which only the majority can have! And they will scream. They will get more aggressive. They will get more violent. But that's how it works, when you're in the minority and you feel like the woo hoo is ending.

The time has come for the real Brazil to decide its destiny! A much better destination than this. It is truly a destination for most. Hashtag #Somos70porcento !

*Eduardo Moreira is an engineer, author of several books and former banker.

Transcription of the author's video that went viral on social media.

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