Neofascist subjectivations and social places



The practical subjectivities that exist among us, of a new right that is popping up around the world, and of which Bolsonaro's Brazil is one of the launching platforms

A year after Lula's extreme victory over Bolsonaro, we tend to forget and lose contact with the social, psychic and ideological movement of the new extreme right that has gained strength in Brazil. A project that is now also being presented in Argentina. Like many of us – for any real political combat purposes – we did not realize the character and rise of the neofascist movement in Brazil in 2018, and we helped Bolsonaro, with our misunderstanding of the thing, now, with the ongoing normality of tension and impasse political and economic development of Lula's new broad coalition government, people very quickly tend to forget what happened yesterday. And it's still happening today. We no longer have any excuse for not knowing, other than tacit acceptance.

Every forgetfulness is a practical victory for fascism, which will “surprise us again” with the same old weapons and the same pragmatic lies. Here is a quick inventory of the ways of being and social places of the neo-fascist right, where it is and operates. Everything happening today and now, as happened in 2018, and since 2015, when no one knew anything about it... The practical subjectivities that exist among us, of a new right that is popping up around the world, and of which Bolsonaro's Brazil is one of the platforms Of launching:

1. Arrogant impertinence

2. Inventors of Communism

3. Fake evangelical far-right mafioso

4. Authoritarian evangelical who hides behind the fake evangelical pastor, political mobster

5. Good poor police officers seeking to exclude illegality to kill in peace

6. Good generals looking for a fascist leader to carry smuggled jewelry, plan their dictatorship and earn a million reais salary in the middle of the pandemic

7. Idiots of all caliber waiting for the last lie of the day on the Bolsonarist network to march for a dictator

8. Traditional right-wingers of family, race, gender and property well asserted

9. Workers on the border of the inorganic, precariat or crime

10. Memetics Idiots

11. Globalist conspiracy idiots

12. Idiots of the 1958 Anti-Communist Conspiracy

13. QAnon pseudo-conspiracy idiots against pedophile artists

14. ET Conspiracy Idiots Are Among Us

15. Smart global luxury consumers who thought they would make money with Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes in power

16. Super intelligent millionaires living in London who default on billionaires in the market and who see the country as a spreadsheet on their own company's computer

17. Global billionaires from agro-sellers to China, with their country pop groups, their provincial rural radio stations and their federal trucks, the only ones who hope to win in real with Bolsonaro. And also without him.

18. Old Catholic fascist opus dei who go to the old resentful far-right newspaper in São Paulo to ensure that the constitution guarantees the right of the armed forces to carry out a coup

19. Super democrats who own newspapers and their editors who prohibit their journalists from calling Bolsonaro far-right

20. Imbeciles of all calibers who see in the degraded and provincial leader the chance to move up in life in a world that has interrupted any possibility of earning a living other than through violence and destruction of other people's rights, neo-slavers

21. Militiamen

22. miners

23. Squatting invaders of indigenous lands

24. People who guarantee that they are not right-wing but need Lula in prison at any cost and that is why they vote for Bolsonaro

25. Fascists from Jovem Pan and their smaller tentacles Brasil Paralelo

26. New milleists who appeared today who will transform the neofascism of militias, retired generals, colonels and miners of Bolsonaro, into the anarcho-clown neofascism that came from the sky of new primitive accumulation of capital destroying existing liberal democracies.

*Tales Ab´Sáber He is a professor at the Department of Philosophy at Unifesp. Author, among other books, of The anthropophagic soldier: slavery and non-thought in Brazil (n-1/  Hedra, 2022, 334 pp.). []

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