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Eva Alterman Blay's article is not honest when stating that part of the left aligns with Hamas

Eva Alterman Blay wrote a article – posted on Journal of USP and republished on the website the earth is round – stating that part of the left hates Jews and that “by aligning itself with the terrorist group Hamas, the left has abdicated its moral and intellectual values”.

Let's face it, it's not exactly an honest argument to accuse the left of having aligned itself with Hamas. Speaking of “part of the left” is a resource to avoid conflicts with some sectors of the left. But the accusation is generic, applicable to anyone who condemns the Israeli government as genocidal. Weaving a set of different quotes from facts and statements that show the deep conflict that surrounds the Middle East and has repercussions around the world, Blay considers that statements by Israeli government ministers calling Palestinians animals and some proposing the cleansing of Gaza are “ unfortunate phrases from a member of the Israeli Cabinet.” However, he points the finger at left-wing politicians for making accusations and proposals “with phrases reminiscent of the Inquisition and Nazism”. That is, the phrases of Israel's ministers are unfortunate; that of left-wing politicians reminds us of Nazism. How many weights and how many measures are there in this text?

You need to take the blindfold off your eyes. The Torah and the Holocaust are nothing more than a veil placed by the current rulers of Israel, they are used through a dishonest and instrumental reading to cover up their true reason for being in contemporary times: Israel is an advanced atomic military base – undeclared – in the Middle East of the North American financial, industrial and military empire to preserve its access to oil and gas, decisive elements for maintaining the dollar as a universal currency and maintaining its economic power. Without mincing words, in a burst of sincerity, Robert Kennedy Jr., independent candidate for president of the United States, declared that “Israel is our fortress. It's almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. (…) If Israel disappears, the BRICS will control 90% of the world's oil and that would be a catastrophe for our interests.” The Torah and the Quran are also instrumentalized by successive Israeli governments. The requests for peace coming from Zionists, even from those who claim to be well-intentioned, have proven to be nothing more than mechanisms to gain time in the establishment of more illegal colonies, more violence against the Palestinian people who for 75 years have heard about peace living under hell. .

There are no saints in the region, nor is Hamas holy, nor is the government of Israel holy. Saints are the Palestinian and Jewish men, women and children who were victims of the repeated massacres resulting from the Zionist State wanting to dominate the region in its entirety. So much so that these are the real causes of the conflict that some countries with an Islamic tradition do not necessarily and in fact align themselves with Hamas or the Palestinian cause. On the contrary, in 2020 Israel normalized its relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and strengthened ties with Morocco and Sudan. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia was in the process of aligning itself with Israel to establish cooperation in matters of security and obtaining support for its nuclear program, these are one of the possible reasons that led Hamas to the terrorist action of October 7th, among others such as the decades of infamy against the Palestinians. Opportunistic followers of the Quran and Torah stand together when global economic power is at stake.

The Jews who accuse Benjamin Netanyahu of using the Torah for his political ends are right. The Israeli government is leading the Jews of Israel into a cauldron of blind hatred with the clear objective of expanding its territorial base and having a highly trained and permanently mobilized military force at the disposal of the empire to guarantee its power in the region.

Out with Benjamin Netanyahu’s genocidal government!

*Artur Scavone is a journalist and holds a master's degree in philosophy from USP.

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