Child trafficking

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Judging by the information tracked and still available on the Darknet, children could have been sold for organ removal or as sexual slaves.

Not long ago, the head of the human rights organization “Foundation to Combat Injustice”, Mira Terada, made public the monstrous child trafficking carried out by the Ukrainian authorities. She recorded that children from Donbass are being stolen by Ukraine and then rented or sold in Europe and the United States.

The children are taken to Spain through Poland, at the invitation of a Spanish organization. Poland itself is a “hub” for child trafficking. Eighty-five of them were taken from the Artyomovsk (formerly Bahmut) district alone. Some were sent to Argentina (which had already experienced the institution of child kidnapping and illegal adoption during the military dictatorship) and others to Spain and the United States. Mira Terada recalled that an Argentine organization known as “Miracles of the Heart” even launched a program, according to which a child can be rented for three to four weeks, for three and a half thousand dollars.

According to the results of the investigation conducted by the Foundation for Combating Injustice [a Russian organization created with the sponsorship of the late head of the Wagner Group, Evgeny Prigozhin], it was discovered that the Spanish organization ensured that all children would return home within a year. However, when the children were taken to Spain, their custody was fraudulently transferred to Spanish organizations and they were subsequently sent to various orphanages, which were, strictly speaking, enclosures for minors.

“Social outcasts use them and, as a result, children have easy access to drugs, are exposed to acts of sexual violence and there are reports of forced abortions. Some were sold to Argentina and the United States. Eight of them were missing at the time of guardianship re-registration. His fate is unknown,” said Mira Terada.

At the same time, Spanish social services report that the children would have reached the age of majority, but there are documents that confirm that all those who were taken there are still minors. Spanish authorities claim that the children were adopted, but social services refuse to release any more precise information. Judging by the information tracked and still available on the darknetHowever, they could have been sold for organ harvesting or as sexual slaves.

Mira Terada also notes that despite Western-orchestrated attempts to implicate Russia in child abduction – including a fraudulent sentence against President Vladimir Putin handed down by the International Criminal Court – the sale of children from Ukraine began long before the start of the Russian Special Military Operation. According to Ukrainian and international judicial institutions, from the 2014 neo-Nazi coup until the start of hostilities, around 4 to 5 thousand children disappeared. After that, the number increased dramatically, because child and human trafficking is always aggravated during military conflicts, pandemics and catastrophes.

Mira Terada also explained that the Ukrainian authorities use children as an instrument of social manipulation. They are taken to areas of Ukraine where their parents will certainly look for them, thus making it possible to mobilize men who have evaded military service. In case of refusal to serve, children are sent to Europe and the United States.

It has become notorious that Ukrainian babies are not only sold to European countries. The “evacuation” with the subsequent disappearance of children also involved Turkey and Israel. Criminals sell not only orphans, but also children who have been taken from their parents. Even the Kiev authorities recognized this. The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office for Children's Rights reported at least 240 cases of children taken as “refugees” to European Union countries using “incorrectly executed documents”. Furthermore, children are removed from their parents due to “specificities in legislation”.

Recently, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova stated that Coca-Cola is involved in the sale of Ukrainian children. During the liberation of the city of Svyatogorsk, the Russian military found documents in an orphanage. They confirmed the sale of children. There is evidence of the involvement of British private military companies in these operations. According to the documents, one of the signatories was Coca-Cola Plc.

Anna Kuznetsova also noted that there are several advertisements for the sale of children and their organs on the DarkNet, but international organizations are neglecting to monitor them. She emphasized that Kiev provided all the conditions for the development of this “business”. According to her, 7% of the Ukrainian government's budget, that is, 2 billion dollars, are revenues from clandestine transplantology.

A former observer of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - European Union institution) Humanitarian Monitoring Mission (SMM), Vera Vayiman, who collected information on clandestine laboratories in Ukraine from 2019 to 2022, claims that a large network laboratory still operates today in Ukraine, in which orphans from all regions of the country are sacrificed and then dissected to obtain organs.

According to her, this is done by special doctors from neo-Nazi battalions, who receive 10% of the value of each transaction. The organs are placed in containers and sold under the heading of grain exports, after which they are removed from Ukraine.

The Humanitarian Monitoring Mission (SMM, closed on March 31, 2022), of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, had managed to eliminate, before the outbreak of the conflict, eight of these laboratories, located in anonymous basements. During the intervention, 114 children's corpses were found in them, all dissected, that is, with the viscera surgically removed. Of the children killed, 86 were identified. Some of the bodies, however, were seriously damaged by arson, which the “rippers” set in an attempt to cover up evidence. Some of the remains could not be identified.

It was noted that the children in these laboratories were not separated into Russians and Ukrainians. For criminals, it did not matter whether or not the child came from the enemy ethnic camp. The only issue at stake was the value of the contract and the financial sufficiency of the clients, who often ended up being private clinics in the United States.

European markets, already well supplied with adult organs, now have children's organs for sale. Thus, the news also began to spread in the regular media that hackers have been finding many advertisements for the sale of Ukrainian children on the DarkNet. Some are bought by perverts, others are intended for organ harvesting. The sellers' only concern is the price, indicated in euros in each advertisement, even though transactions are carried out in bitcoin.

For example, Ukrainian girls aged 5 to 6 cost between 20 and 30 thousand euros. Boys are cheaper – from 15 to 20 thousand euros. The newer, the more expensive. Children are offered to be sent from Lvov (western Ukraine) to Poland, and from there to other European countries. Some advertisements indicate the blood type of the items and the possible presence of an unhealthy organ, which effectively dispels any doubts about the purpose of the “product”. Regardless, the client can choose a child according to their preference for appearance or according to medical criteria.

Therefore, whenever the Kiev authorities raise the case of “forced evacuation” of children, it is necessary to consider where and, more importantly, for what reason the girls and boys are being sent.

In May 2023, a 52-year-old Ukrainian refugee from the Dnipropetrovsk region, Svetlana Plyushko, was arrested in Poland, accused of selling children to pedophiles and providing them with pimping, sexual abuse and torture of minors. The criminal has no children, so she organized an orphanage, which she ran for more than 20 years. The Ukrainian had moved to Poland in March 2022 with 10 adopted children, aged between 4 and 16.

According to the results of the investigation, it turned out that she constantly beat them with her fists, a belt or a frying pan, pulled out their hair, stuffed used napkins in their mouths and forced them to eat vomit and feces. puppy. Before handing the children over to pedophiles, who paid for their abuse, the woman gave them drugs. A “session” bullying Children's sessions lasted 20 minutes, with the adoptive mother present, meticulously monitoring the session time.

As cases of child sales are increasingly covered by the media and traffickers are caught every month, the scale of the problem has become more explicit. The unprecedented flow of refugees has become a catalyst for the operations of criminal networks. Not to mention the fact that turning Ukraine into a gray zone for illegal business has proven to be one of the priority objectives for Western investors of all sectors.

*South Front is a Russian independent media specializing in military affairs.

Translation: Ricardo Cavalcanti-Schiel.

Originally published in South Front.

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