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Why do we continue to organize a People's Court to try the Bolsonaro government?

In recent months, we have seen the Brazilian judiciary closing the siege on the citizen Jair Bolsonaro for several cases of corruption, illicit enrichment and conspiracy against the “democratic order”. Possibility of his arrest seems more and more concrete. Some may see in this the fulfillment and necessary end of deep popular yearnings for justice and reparation. We do not.

We are well aware of what Jair Bolsonaro's arrest represents, but it is just the beginning of a trial process for an entire government system directly responsible for brutal crimes against public health and for authoritarian political conspiracies. The possible arrest of the citizen Jair Bolsonaro cannot, under any circumstances, serve as an end. It will just be the starting point.

The humanitarian catastrophe that Brazil experienced during the pandemic, a catastrophe that caused a country with 2,7% of the world's population to have 10% of global deaths from Covid, would never have been possible without the "management" of the Armed Forces, with their systems of disinformation and erasure of bodies, the pressure of businessmen thirsty to preserve and expand their profits, the irresponsible circulation of information aimed at popular demobilization made by politicians and communicators.

All these social actors must be judged, institutions must be judged, so that Brazil can preserve its possibility of having a future. Likewise, the policy of indigenous extermination in a pandemic situation, the subject of lawsuits against the Bolsonaro government in international instances, must be exemplarily judged and condemned.

What is at stake now is something of the highest importance. It is about leaving in the history of that country clear gestures of popular reaction against a government policy that, if not fought in an exemplary manner, could return in the next moments of crisis.

Memory is the population's strongest weapon against the repetition of catastrophes. What we want is for the memory of violence to make, of the relentless realization of justice, the necessary form of our mourning.

Never more silence, never more oblivion! Amnesty no more!

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