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The bad can always get worse

“Obrigado Trump”, of January 18, 2021, article published by the DCO and signed by Eduardo Vasco, journalist and PCO militant, led to a storm of liquidating criticism, therefore, without appeal. Sectors of the so-called Marxist left joined the litany, like Torquemadas with the whip in his hand. the operation of cancelamento started with a curse from the virtual magazine Fórum, on January 20th. The content of Eduardo Vasco's article and the motivations for its virtual sanding deserve an assessment stripped of political-ideological prejudices, in which the journalist and the newspaper belong to the PCO are secondary factors. It matters little, therefore, in the objective evaluation of the article, if we dislike that organization, all of its analyzes or just a few, such as, among them, the PCO's proposals on football, which give me rashes.

Like everything else in life, the article can be subject to repairs. Let us first look at those of form or style. An old and brilliant comrade of mine from Marxist-revolutionary militancy rightly contested the article's initial suggestion that “we alone are not petty bourgeois”. As the former Chilean comrades used to say: “No nos loot la suerte entre gitanos”. Like the PCO, all Brazilian organizations that propose to be revolutionary are mostly made up of cadres from petty-bourgeois or bourgeois backgrounds. And all its militants propose to see society “through the point of view of the working class, the exploited and oppressed of the whole world”. If they do, that's another discussion. So a little “modesty and holy water never hurt anyone!”

The title “Thank you Trump” was perhaps not the best choice, especially for a partisan newspaper. Possibly not a few eventual readers, even unarmed ones, took him at the foot of the letter, without grasping the irony. They understood that the journalist, the newspaper and the PCO would be defending and thanking Donald Trump. And those willing to liquidate the text before reading it, even understanding the irony, opportunistically left aside the super-title or the initial half of it, complete: “The king is naked: Thank you, Trump. ” So the article thanks Trump for stripping the king naked. The “king”, in this case, is imperialism and big capital.

In article titles, the duplicity of meaning is dangerous, to arouse the attention of readers. When the former Chilean dictator died, I published an article in a major southern newspaper entitled “Pinochet was not a monster”. In it, he remembered that Pinochet was just an anti-communist Chilean general, among many others, who fell, by the misfortunes of luck, to play the role of executioner of the Chilean people. What he did, let us admit, with enormous application. I proposed that if it wasn't for him, it would have been someone else. He explained that the macabre general only represented imperialism and the Chilean ruling classes, those largely responsible for the massacre and miseries of the coup and dictatorship, which were being forgotten. For months, I received messages proposing that Pinochet was, yes, a madman, a bandit, a criminal, who were amazed that I defended that monster. (1)

Four years ago, precisely when Donald Trump was elected, I wrote a short note with an ironic title and text — “Why do I love Donald Trump?” In it, he tried to explain the meaning of his victory, supported by the American working class, mainly white, but also secondarily black. And the reasons why his election was, despite everything, less dramatic than the victory of Hillary Clinton, the Lady with Bloody Hands, who was preparing to attack the Syrian State with force. At that moment, Syria enjoyed the support of Iran and Russia, to face the international coalition organized against it by imperialism. It was the perfect setting for a disaster that wasn't just regional. (2) I was attacked —and continue to be— by leftist militants who proposed that I really loved Donald Trump! Militants, among whom not a few supported the aggression against Syria and were admirers, not always ashamed, of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and her identity policies.

despite him

Two or three times, the article “The king is naked. Thanks Trump” Proposes Beneficial Consequences marginal of Donald Trump's action, from the point of view of the world of work, which a light reading could understand as dear and sought after by the topcoat. “(…) Trump messed with the pillar of imperialism’s domination.” “Trump has opened the eyes of millions of people around the world.” “He managed to make (Trump) make, through the attacks he received from the imperialist press, millions of people around the world hate the USA.” “Trump ended up laying bare imperialism.” Although the content of the article leaves no room for doubt, it would have been interesting to always add an explanation such as: Trump did this “against his will”, “despite his intentions”, etc. Explanation that would lessen but not prevent violent attacks on the article.

As proposed, the outspoken attacks are not due to a misunderstanding, but to political dissent with the article that critics often prefer not to make explicit. They leave, therefore, for the blanching. Regarding the content, my fundamental dissent would be just one, the proposal that: “Finally, they managed to remove him from power by force of electoral fraud (…).” Not even Trump was able to prove that there was electoral fraud in the strict sense of the term. As the article proposes, his defeat was mainly due to the portentous block of big imperialist capital that formed against him. Holy Alliance of hegemonic imperialism that was not embarrassed to use all kinds of resources. A micro-example is the infamous censorship of journalist Glenn Greenwald, by Intercept Brazil, when it infuriated the US election campaign.

indecent censorship

The direction of Intercept Brazil banned, without appeal, the journalist Glenn Greenwald, far from sympathetic to Trump, from publishing an article referring to what everyone knew, but which the Democratic campaign tried hard to keep in the shadows: the dealings of J. Biden's son in Ukraine and the obscure actions of his father, then vice president, when and after the coup in that country. Coup promoted by the Obama administration against the will of the European Union. Censorship led to Glenn Greenwald's break, on October 29, 2020, with that press body he had helped to found. There was no significant movement in support of Glenn Greenwald and in favor of freedom of expression, in Brazil and even less abroad, since the complaint was unfavorable to Biden and, consequently, favorable to Donald Trump, the Great Ogre to be shot down

The article's proposal that the “left, completely integrated into the bourgeois regime, has lost all credibility” also seems extreme to me. A rhetorical emphasis certainly due more to Eduardo Vasco's wishes than to reality. From a strictly personal point of view, I do not believe that the definition of Trump and his program as fascists, as proposed by the collaborationist opposition and organizations of the Brazilian left, is correct.(3) It seems to me that the same definition is also unfounded. for Jair Bolsonaro and for his movement and his militias, so announced, but stillborn. Defining them, the Big and the Little Ogre, as ultra-rightists seems more correct to me. I believe it is conceptual and therefore political inaccuracy to propose as fascist everything that is anti-worker, anti-democratic, anti-popular, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-black, etc. I record the incorrect use of “American” in the article where, strictly speaking, “American” should be spelled. But we are already going into detail and recording my private views on issues not related to the heart of the present debate.

In a list in which I participate, a dear comrade, also with irony, proposed that it was not Eduardo Vasco's fault if one of the exalted critics did not "understand the text". The critic, who militates in the ranks of revolutionary-Marxism, defined the article, without critical restraint, as “a compliment to the fascist faction of imperialism”. As many did not seem to understand what was written, there were attempts to didactically explain what Eduardo Vasco wanted to say. However, I repeat. The challenge to the article “The king is naked. Thanks Trump” is not due to misunderstanding or a quick read. It is born from the radical dissociation with its content, which I personally regard as excellent. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the political origin of criticism.

Biden as Salvador da Lavoura

The Brazilian collaborationist opposition and not a few militants who define themselves as Marxists celebrated, unconditionally, with fireworks, or with some – and even with a lot of reticence – the electoral success of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party over Donald Trump. The vast majority of Brazilian neo-democrats forget or skip over the fact that winners are operators pro-capitalists and pro-imperialists par excellence. The most restrained in the celebrations register the conservative quality of Biden, Kamala and the Democratic Party and light a candle for them to fulfill the few promises progressives whispered during the campaign. (4) And practically everyone says that they would have preferred the winner to be Bernie Sanders but that it was the victory possible of democracy over barbarism. Therefore, it is only necessary to celebrate, since politics would be the art of possible and not from desirable — it is asserted.

Not a few verbalize —and many more think—, indignant, how is it possible to compare one with the other, the republican beast with the polished and educated democratic politician, a true gentleman! Donald Trump is the misogynistic brute who attacks lesbians, latinos, muslims, blacks, gays. He is a root denier regarding the climate emergency, the benefits of vaccination, and protectionism for fauna and nature. He attacks abortion rights, immigrants, the Medicare from Obama. Victory over the energetic republican would be the product of a coalition of young people, blacks, Latinos and women, as proposed.

What's more, Kamala Harris is the first woman to hold the vice presidency and is of African and Indian descent. Practically a big step for humanity! In the new government, there is careful respect for diversity of sex, gender and race. woman announced tranny as a senior official, good relations with Europe, the return to the WHO and the Paris Agreement, the end of Trump's wall, the mandatory use of a protective mask in some situations. Transgenders are once again able to join the US military and kill in the name of peace. Can we want more!?

The origin of the euphoria Brazilian neo-democrats and also practice. They claim that the conquest of the presidency by Biden-Harris, in the USA, would predict the defeat, at the end of 2022, in Brazil, of Jair Bolsonaro – or of any other substitute ogre that is presented as a candidate of the extreme right, in the style of Luciano Hulk, from Eduardo Leite, from Sergio Moro, from Ratinho, by Datena. But we will only be victorious if we respect the treasure trail traced by our American friends, building not the candidacy we would like, with a Tupiniquim Bernie Sanders, but the plate presidential possible, with some yellow-green Biden-Harris. The ideal would be to present a prestigious personality as a candidate, chosen among the “anti-fascist” coup leaders, already in the first round.

However, as many want and need to keep up appearances, as pure and hard, the fundamental thing is for the opposition electorate to converge against Bolsonarism in the second round, like a disciplined herd on the way to the slaughterhouse. Just like what is expected to happen in relation to Baleia Rossi, in the next election for mayor. First, the vestals always vote for Erundina, the transforming grandma. And, after playing for the audience, they let themselves, like Jonas, be swallowed, as always, by the huge and comforting mouth of politics. It is, therefore, a question of continuing the policy that has been advanced since the 2016 coup, consolidated in the municipal elections just concluded. Effectively, in November 2020, on behalf of the anti-Bolsonaro front, the make-believe opposition parties and their radical cliques voted in the second round for conservative and coup candidates — in São Paulo, in Covas; in Rio de Janeiro, in Paes; in Fortaleza, Sarto, etc. Or candidates who ended up courting the bourgeoisie miserably — Boulos, in São Paulo, Manuela, in Porto Alegre, etc.

Stay at home

Therefore, as of today, it would be enough to continue consolidating the policy of lesser evil, the “stay at home”, the “get off the street”, the “Popular Front”, or the staging about impinge  Bolsonaro, even handing over the government to Mourão, beyond coup. And thus we would achieve the electoral consecration of the our Joe Biden, even if it's in the second round. And not a few are willing, on the so-called civilized coup right, to play the glorious role of candidate democrat Brazilian: Dória, Ciro, Rodrigo Maia and so on. With the success of the operation, the collaborationist opposition hopes to reconquer its former position, even if it has been diminished, by rendering a greater service to big capital and imperialism: the complete institutionalization of the coup d'état and the legitimization of the terrible attacks against the workers, the population, the nation that occurred since 2016. Attack proceeds at a free trot, without real opposition and resistance.

It is understandable, therefore, the outrage over party-busting articles along the lines of “The king is naked. Thank you, Trump”, who propose to be the victors, Biden, Harris and the Democratic Party, representatives of the hegemonic sector of imperialism and big capital, and, thus, possibly even worse than the already morphetic and macabre Donald Trump. Proposals that discredit unbridled collaboration with the coup, with big capital, with imperialism. Sanctified collaborationism, in Brazil, in the name of the fight against Ogre Pequeno and his numerous fascist legions who, in the aftermath, are so numerous, they are not even able to collect the necessary signatures to form the so-called Bolsonarist party!

Even more. As Eduardo Vasco proposes, the Democratic victory enshrines the electoral success of identity policies, copied in every way from the US-Democratic model, today hegemonic in the Brazilian electoral opposition, both traditional and new. Identity politics responsible for the defeat of Hillary Clinton, four years ago, against Donald Trump. Indeed, it was in the Bill Clinton administrations (1993-2001) that the Democratic Party shamelessly embraced “globalization” to fill the asses of big financial and globalized capital —financial liberalization and deregulation,  industrial relocation, etc. In this process, thousands of US factories were sent abroad, especially to China. In 2001, the entry of the “Middle Empire” into the WTO, facilitated by Clinton, would have cost the US 2,4 million jobs. Posts that Trump promised to bring back to the country, receiving a flood of votes from workers, in 2016 and 2020!

The New Democrats

With the globalist reorientation, the Democratic Party became the expression of great American and international capital, turning its back on its traditional electorate, manufacturing workers, not just whites, with emphasis on those from the former “Manufacturing Belt” transformed into “ Rust Belt”, with the Yankee deindustrialization. And these masses of workers, unemployed, underemployed, demoralized and abandoned migrated massively towards right-wing conservative populism, electing Donald Trump, against winds and tides, in 2016. The same path was followed by the so-called left-wing European parties , in the Brazilian PT style, like the French PS, the Italian PD (ex-PCI), etc., which embraced social-liberalism. What determined the transfer of the traditional working class from the communist and socialist parties to the right-wing populist movements, such as Marine Le Pen's "Front National", in France, Mateo Salvini's "Lega", in Italy, today the major workers' parties in those countries. In Portugal, a brand new far-right populist movement —“Chega”— is currently consolidating, with strong support in the most exploited sectors of the population, with an electoral consensus possibly superior to that of the “Bloco de Esquerda” and the Portuguese Communist Party, already fully institutionalized.

In Brazil, the dominance of identity in a huge part of the left that claims to be or has already claimed to be Marxist and the consequent abandonment of the working class in the hands of slot machine evangelical movements and extreme right-wing populism is a consolidated fact. The municipal elections of last November consecrated the liquidation of the world of work as a central political reference, replaced by civil claims regarding sex, gender, race, typical of the middle classes, without essential contradictions with the capitalist order. All according to the general orientation of the “civil rights” wing of the US Democratic Party.

With indisputably valuable militants, the PSOL is the party that advances the identity orientation in a more organic way and announces the pretense success of the initiative. It institutionally privileges candidacies and identity leaders, on the one hand, and votes with true disregard, on the other, for eventual classist candidates. In November, this party celebrated the election of some gay, lesbian, tranny, Indians and above all blacks, while the right won a resounding electoral victory through Brazil. (5) Not a few organizations that claim to be from the Marxist left embrace the same identity program, adding to their collectives the designations of “classist feminists”, “classist black movement”, etc., without substantial differences in relation to the action and program of the conservative and petty-bourgeois identity.

International Phenomenon

Identity hegemony is a phenomenon with international roots and diffusion, only more exacerbated in Brazil. With the worldwide victory of the counter-revolution, with a leap in quality in the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, the world of work experienced a historic defeat in terms of politics, ideology, organization, etc. However, the biggest blow suffered by the world of work during this historical hecatomb was the discrediting of the workers themselves, who were already severely weakened, in their program as the only means of solving social contradictions exacerbated by a paradox that already threatens the very future of humanity.

However, while the workers' program was bogged down, proposals floated and consolidated — and, in large part, the illusions — of the middle classes to solve their problems and afflictions by accommodating themselves to big capital and imperialism. Both are already seen by the middle segments as eternal. Everything in the style of “Another world is possible”, “Without fear of being happy”, “We are all in the same boat”, etc. The political and social weakening of the working classes, dramatic in Brazil due to the fragility of the world of work among us, also boosted a profound identity-submission towards democracy and the bourgeois order, on the part of important formerly left-wing factions.

In recent decades, campaigns of destruction, massacre, jugulation and submission of states and nations by US imperialism in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Cuba and Venezuela, etc., won the explicit or implicit support of parties and organizations in the left-wing past and even claiming to be revolutionary-Marxism. Support justified by the campaign led by imperialism in defense of proposals democratic orders and never seen popular revolutions and, above all, against terrible dictators e murderers of their people —Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad, Muhammad Gheddafi, Viktor Fédorovych Yanukóvytch, and so on. (6)

The Delicate Face of Evil

A representation do boom US imperialism has been made by the Democratic Party. It is he who excels in presenting the most photogenic and kind presidents: Robert Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and, the big star, the black Barack Obama with his wife simply Wonderful. A prestige that increased when the Democratic Party, passionate defender of world democracy, embraced the identity politics of sex, gender, race, etc., as proposed. We certainly have to thank Trump for being, in the eyes of the world, for four years, until today, the most objective, real and perfect representation of the great Yankee capital. With him, imperialism showed itself as it really is: brutal, ugly, evil. And, better still, it bared its teeth without ever using new wars to bite deep! Ugly face that certainly displeased the Brazilian neo-democrats who are distressed by any political-ideological weakening of their current great paradigm, hegemonic US imperialism.

For that left nestled in big capital, it matters little that the democrats exploded two atomic bombs on civilian targets in 1945; assaulted Cuba in 1961; favored the coup in Brazil, in 1964; supported the massacre of half a million Indonesians in 1965; radicalized the Vietnam War. Who remembers the imperialist actions of Bill Clinton in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Iraq, the criminal bombing against Serbia, abroad, or sending multitudes of black and poor people to prisons, in the USA? Nobody remembers the imperialist aggressions of Barak Obama, the most beloved of the democrats, in Iraq, in Somalia and the reduction of Libya to a ghost state, an operation demanded by Hillary Clinton, Zionist and warmonger par excellence. Not to mention the promotion of coups in Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, etc., some completed during the Trump administration. And, above all, Obama's great operation in Ukraine, which ended in 2014, in which, as we saw, J. Biden and his 01, the beyond corrupt puppy, took part.

To the neo-democrats da left It does not matter that the election of Hillary Clinton, in 2016, meant an almost immediate attack on the Syrian national state, certainly involving Iran, with a strong worsening of imperialist pressure on Russia, North Korea and Venezuela, with possible military clashes regions from unpredictable developments. And it still doesn't matter to them that Donald Trump's victory has allowed, Despite him, four years of reprieve, even relative, for those countries to consolidate the defense of their autonomy. It matters little, all this, to the Brazilian neo-democrats, since many welcome the end of Russia, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, China as independent States, since they are governed by characters excommunicated by imperialism, due to their insubordination, such as Putin, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Maduro, Xi Jinping. All of them mere excuses for imperialist interventions, just like Dilma Rousseff, a friend of big capital.

Hegemonic and Secondary Factions

Even though Republicans have done the same and in some situations perhaps worse, the problem with the article “The King Is Naked: Thank You Trump” is simple. You Brazilian neo-democrats they do not accept the proposal that Donald Trump, elected with the support of a marginal faction of big capital, did great damage, but certainly less than a president born from the heart of hegemonic imperialism. As would his competitor, in 2016, Hillary Clinton, the beloved of financial capital and Zionism and a great world star of identitarianism, if she had won. Or as Biden and Harris will certainly do now, the first, promoter and supporter of crimes against the American and world population and, the second, designated as vice president of an old president precisely because of his attacks on the poor and black population when he was a prosecutor. That is, one trustworthy woman.

It escapes most analysts that, were it not for the epidemiological disaster, largely due to the negativism  of Donald Trump, he would possibly have been elected by a huge majority of votes, considering the relative recovery of the US economy and the equally relative decline in unemployment rates over the last four years. The tide of votes he received expresses the enormous shift of the popular vote towards right-wing national-populism, in the context of a structural crisis in the US economy and society, as proposed in the article “The King Is Naked: Thanks Trump”. And the crisis will follow, strong.

To get elected, Biden and Harris had to abandon their traditional conservative positions and make promises to women, blacks, students, immigrants, workers. The messes of Donald Trump in his last weeks of government may allow the great American hegemonic capital to destroy him politically, totally or partially. Which will be a huge relief for the Democrats and will allow Biden-Harris to deny, in fact, the promises that most commonly just stammered, without major problems, as he had already done for Barak Obama. It is not the fanatics and ultra-rightists, but the huge working population that voted for Donald Trump, that worries big business and the Democratic Party.

Censorship of Good, Censorship of Evil

Donald Trump governed harassed by the Deep State Yankee, submerged structural government of the great American hegemonic capital, which did not let it execute a good part of its program. Like Putin's rapprochement with Russia, which would have made it easier for Trump to battle China. An action that Beijing is very moved by thanks to the Deep State, for having forced the Russians to turn more and more to the East. With the Democratic Party in power, it is precisely the hegemonic faction of imperialism that returns to government, with free reins, already proposing, in its first days of government, to strike left and right.

On January 19, 2021, Antony J. Blinken, interventionist, anti-communist, pro-Zionist, speculator and armamentist, designated as Secretary of State by Biden, proposed before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which endorsed his nomination: “ We can revitalize our key alliances – force multipliers of our influence around the world. Together, we are much better positioned to counter threats from Russia, Iran, North Korea (…).” Already Secretary of State, in his first interview, Antony J. Blinken made it clear that the electoral promise to return to the nuclear agreement with Iran was a lie. Biden's first colloquy with Putin excelled in aggression, disrespect and bad manners. In other words, he played mainly for the internal audience. The troops of great imperialism are already marching through the gates of the world, preparing to recover their hegemony by brute force. Now it's sit and wait.

And now we have a hegemonic imperialism sanctified by having electorally defeated the US Chupacabras. Which allowed the self-granting, by the monopoly owners of the world and US media, the right to censor and literally cancel Donald Trump. A pre-announcement of the state of siege that is intended to be imposed on the USA and the world. Censorship fairy applauded by the Brazilian neo-democrats, also unconcerned with the fact that private capital can silence whoever they want, at will. Censorship that was extended, openly and immediately, to Venezuela and Iran, and will be practiced, without restrictions, against any substantial opposition movement to capital, in the United States, in Brazil, in the world. In simple words, if they silenced Trump, capitalist on all sides, despite his 74,2 million votes, imagine what they would do to us, poor leftists!

Donald Trump meant an attack on the effective needs of US and world citizenship, often confused, irrational and contradictory in its verbalization and media coverage, however, inexorable in its deleterious effects. Biden-Harris represents, on the contrary, with a rational, democratic, civil and identity appearance, an attack on the same rights, certainly with a qualitatively superior efficiency and performative character. And with consequences that are difficult to predict. Biden has already surrounded himself with senior multi-identity officials, all of them right-wingers, interventionists, US supremacists and, not a few, responsible for international criminal attacks in the past—Anthony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Victoria Nuland, etc. They will certainly do what Trump often only suggested.(7)

It was not a question of choosing, there, in the USA, or here, in Brazil, between the lesser evil, since both sink the population into a deep crisis, some with greater speed, others with less speed. It is about raising, in Brazil, in the USA and in the world, the program of the world of work, as the only possible alternative to the general slide in the barbarism that we are living. An easy proposition? No, very difficult, which may never materialize. But we can start to walk it when we analyze the facts in their objective complexity, and do not frame them with the smallness of collaborationist illusions. Above all, we must stop thinking that, applauding the powerful on their knees, they will be more complacent when marching on us.

Updated and revised on 30/01/2020

PS Thank you for reading the Italian linguist Florence Carboni.

* Mario Maestri he was a professor of history at UFRJ and at PUC-RS. Author, among other books, with Florence Carboni d  The enslaved language: language, history, power and class struggle (popular expression).


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