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Considerations about the mass entry of Brazilians in the social network Koo

Social networks are created by businessmen who, in 99% of cases, defend their interests, therefore, they are from the right or the extreme right, nothing new there. The problem with Koo is bigger than that, because it is intertwined with a political project. The social network was launched in 2020 with the direct support of Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi of India, a far-right politician.

His party, conservative and signatory of a right-wing “Hindu religious nationalism”, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), directly and indirectly funds the Koo to follow a pattern that would serve as an ideological apparatus for reactionaries in India, allowing hate speech. against minorities, Muslims, etc., preventing criticism of the government and placing “influencers” and celebrities to praise him.

Due to the fact that Twitter has undergone changes and, in 2020, is removing hate speech from Indians on the networks and releasing comments strongly critical of the government, it was persecuted and, instead, they designed the Koo project to be the instrument from the extreme right in the country, preaching freedom from hate speech, in the style of the accursed Brazilianized proto-fascist bicycle: Monark.

It may seem that it makes no sense to think about it being in Brazil, because, in theory, the STF, if the Koo comes to fruition here, will regulate these issues, for use, here in our country, by users (as it is already doing with Twitter and with Telegram). However, thinking externally and with internationalism (as the proletarian tradition prays), participating in this network, today, is to increase its financial power, its political power and finance the extreme right government in India that massacres the exploited and oppressed.

A basic analogy to make it simpler: let's imagine that Twitter, before the purchase of Elon "Bosta", was censored and banned by the Bolsonaro government, and then he (Jair Bolsonaro) asked "Carluxo" to create a new social network and, later, support and finance the project for businessmen to open this network, releasing hate speeches against the exploited and oppressed, and also those intended to exalt the Bolsonaro government and the inhuman practices of the extreme right (such as those practiced by the troupe that was banned from Twitter by “Xandão”) and, in addition, prohibiting criticism of the government on the metaphorical network, all of this with direct funding from the Liberal Party (PL) and the current government.

suppose, passi passu, that, two years after the creation of this network, the Indians came and, finding the name of the application amusing (in the manner of the fifth grade of elementary school), flocked to it. Would this movement affect or not the correlation of forces against the extreme right in Brazil?

This is the point… The problem is far from being just “users are from the extreme right and now we are going to occupy and take their place” or, simply, “all famous social network owners are from the right”. No, the fundamental issue is the direct link between the social network and Modi's far-right government and, by derivation, the network's guidelines that were formulated to foment reactionary and proto-fascism in India.

By way of conclusion, we need to find out what is the link that demarcates the difference between pure comedy and political comedy and how they undergo imperceptible metamorphoses to naive realism. The Brazilian “left” has still not been able to draw a balance from the process of pure comedy in recent periods that was destined for Bolsonarism (in its caricatures on social networks and on television programs of “useless” culture that are not worth the honor of mentioning) that ended up for being one of the elements (secondary, it should be said) that contributed to spreading this phenomenon (Jair Bolsonaro and his crowd), converting it from pure comedy into political comedy and, finally, into political comedy.

The audience by grace, made out of good graces, and given to a misfortune, which unravels the threat to life and shatters bourgeois democracy, leaving it “in the moths”; movement that can be faithfully represented by the unfortunate and capacitist popular saying “clap your hands for crazy people to dance”. Once again, part of the “left” begins to dance on the edge of the precipice, in the name of the ephemeral and futile ecstasy of puns and jokes of fifth-category children and youth, bring to light, in Brazil, a social network that was only recognized and supported in India (initial data indicate that there were only 2 users of “Koo” in Brazil).

As a moment in the process of conversion from pure comedy to political comedy and then to political comedy, it transforms what would be a simple joke into a massive movement of Brazilians entering the Koo (I don't need the calembures no sense), because, due to the lack of substantivity and politicity in concrete actions due to the disinfluence engendered by the political leaders of the major parties and class entities, the substantivity of the bodies it is being compounded by the puerile frivolity of existential emptiness; the emptied form of the vacant dry shell is mistakenly confused with the substance of the essence that has in its becoming the struggle for unattainable fullness in which the journey itself is the fundamental element of enjoyment, thus generating a feeling of belonging among the pairs of “ left,” as they reach the realm of sarcasm and mockery. A great pure comedy without social responsibility, it hurriedly metamorphosed into a laughable enjoyment of the whole, emulating an affection and a pleasure in the jocularity “gang” that led to its apogee, the entry into effect of the herd of participants in Koo, first as a joke, then as a tragedy.

Life is a comedy and this permeates all loci possible and impossible, however, acidity and irony need to be supported by the substantiality of the to be, either for the object of catharsis general, whether for a catharsis policy. The use of pure comedy and political comedy without social responsibility in search of superficial and opaque enjoyment (instead of deep enjoyment), when it is reiterated incessantly over a long period by the same “left” groups, is always tending to the benefit of the extreme -right in the world. We wait and hope that the phenomenon is just an ephemeral effect of the racket, given that it is not healthy for the being to be satisfied with emptiness, nor for the “left” to help the growth and stability of a company that is an “ideological” apparatus. ” of the Indian extreme right, in particular, of its nefarious government.

Oh, great Kafka, where are you hiding? The unusual and the comic surround us again, the tragicomic ghost does not get tired of haunting our society and the artificial jouissance promoted by neoliberalism is reproduced more and more intensely in the figure of the individual-company.

PS1: By way of comparison, the BJP is part of an international body of conservative parties in which União Brasil (formerly PFL and later DEM) is the Brazilian representative party.

PS2: Apparently, the security of user data on Koo is not very solid, international articles indicate fragility and attack hackers with constancy. In this respect, they should probably try to solve it, given that the platform is having a boom in Brazil. Furthermore, I have no confidence in the North American and European press organizations that I read to obtain this information, therefore, in this regard, I am not convinced to state the degree of security of the social network, after all, our data was kidnapped by the company itself. Meta (a company from the “great” “western” world) which today coordinates the triad: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

PS3: I'm also part of the group that wants Elon Musk to blow himself up.

*Caique de Oliveira Sobreira Cruz He is a Master's student in Social Policies and Citizenship at the Catholic University of Salvador.


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