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The role of the “Lula Livre” Movement in the fight against the suspicion of Sergio Moro

The “Lula Livre” Movement, in which I participated along with millions of others, was one of the most impressive social movements in the most recent history of the working class. Driven by the certainty that Lula was innocent and the victim of a terrible political-legal ploy to criminalize the left and prevent the PT from a new electoral victory, the movement and Lula himself ended up victorious in the end. The confirmation by the Plenary of the STF that Judge Sérgio Moro acted politically to persecute Lula and, therefore, was considered suspect, throwing all his actions in the trash is a fantastic event!

For 5 years, faced with the intention and, later, with the operation carried out by prosecutors and federal judges of the ignominious, infamous and ill-fated Lava Jato operation to arrest Lula and remove him from the 2018 elections, the Lula Livre movement was one of the most impressive things I've read, seen and participated in. Not only PT members, but militants and leaders of left-wing parties and the most diverse social movements, with special emphasis on the MST and unions linked to the CUT, in Brazil and the world, artists, trade unionists, intellectuals, journalists, parliamentarians, lawyers and jurists and simple people from all walks of life in the world of work joined together in denouncing and fighting to show that Lula was innocent, that he had been condemned without evidence, and to win his freedom and, corollary to that, to reveal that the said operation was a one of the biggest and most grotesque legal farces ever heard.

Encouraged by the determination and serenity of Lula who, from the moment he surrendered to Justice surrounded by the crowd at the Metallurgist Union and even from inside prison and in the face of the skepticism of many, demonstrated firmness in stating that he would not trade his “dignity for his freedom” when the executioners offered the lawyers proposals for “house arrest”, always reaffirming that he was the victim of a big lie, this social movement, together with Lula and his lawyers, came out victorious in the end. The final blow to the car wash was dealt on 22/04/21, Brazil's Discovery Day and the day after Tiradentes Day, when the Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice redeemed itself from its omission in the face of so many illegalities and confirmed the suspicion of Sergio Moro, already decided weeks before by the majority of the ministers of his 2nd class. Before that, the rapporteur for Lava Jato's actions at the STF, Minister Fachim, had already decreed the annulment of Sergio Moro's actions by accepting a Habeas Corpus from Lula's defense, which defended that Curitiba was not the right jurisdiction to judge the complaints against Lula. as determined by the Code of Criminal Law and with that Lula had already won the victory of returning his political rights degraded by Moro's bizarre sentences. The so-called Brazilian Torquemada, the one who never behaved like a judge but rather like a vigilante outside the law, was declared a suspect, interested in Lula's conviction, with vile intentions to benefit from it, as had already become clear when it leaked illegal conversations between President Dilma and Lula, when she raised the secrecy of a ridiculous accusation by Antonio Palocci a week before the 2018 elections, helping to give content to reports and fake news that reinforced the chant that “Lula was corrupt and the PT created the greatest system of corruption in Brazilian history” and later, when he accepted to be Bolsonaro’s minister.

Something interesting to register, very important to give strength to Lula Livre and that helped in the unmasking of Moro was the leak of the dialogues of the judge-politician with Dallagnol and the other prosecutors of Vaza Jato, captured by the “hacker” Walter Delgati even in a way unpretentious according to him, which proved the illegality and criminal collusion of the federal authorities where Moro guided the prosecution body in the construction of evidence against Lula and contempt of others that would acquit him, in addition to conspiring against STF ministers and even illegal relations with foreign authorities . The Federal Police's "Spoffing" operation arrested the hacker and the messages that were delivered later and at great cost to Lula's defense, but which were made public by The Intercept website and reverberated by the mainstream press and alternative media of the left.

As Pope Francis prophesied in a letter to Lula when he was in Curitiba, “the truth will win” and it did! Lula is definitely free and he is innocent! This is the good news for working people, the poor, those hoping for better days, those who are not satisfied with the social injustices in this unfair Brazil.

I participated, along with many companions in so many battles for democracy and social justice, in dozens of acts, manifestations, festivals and vigils and I was 3 times participating in the Free Lula Vigil in Curitiba, this is one of the most fantastic things in the history of the struggle of the Brazilian people: for 580 days, the time that Lula was in prison, the people did not move their foot in front of and around the headquarters of the Federal Police. There were dozens and even hundreds of people, from all corners of Brazil, militants and even simple people who stayed there camped in shacks and barracks, to say good morning, good afternoon and good night to the president who could hear, from his cell, the manifestation of affection and loyalty to his person and this gave him the strength not to give up, feeling that the people would never abandon him, reinforcing an affectionate complicity between the people and their leader. Each visit that Lula received was later transformed into a political act, when the visitor – and there were many, national and international political leaders, such as President Alberto Fernandes of Argentina and religious leaders such as Leonardo Boff and the nun Cohen, even artists such as Chico Buarque and Gilberto Gil – stopped by the Camp to report how he found Lula, his state of mind and his words and that animated the group. On the occasions that I was there, I volunteered at the community kitchen that received donations from all rural MST settlements and from many other anonymous ones and provided food to the participants. The Camp tents also became an open university, as debates, public classes and seminars on the most varied topics were held there every day, with the participation of visitors. Class solidarity is something that the bourgeoisie and even sectors of the middle classes will never understand, as it belongs to the poor, the exploited and the workers and their leaders! The campers suffered a lot with the prejudiced manifestations of local residents, even shots were received by hooded militiamen, apart from the lawsuits against the PT and the unions, trying to inhibit and even prohibit the camping. Parliamentarians and PT leaders from Curitiba played a fundamental role in overcoming these situations.

But it wasn't just in Curitiba. In various corners of the country, rallies, soirées and artistic festivals were held. The artistic class was fundamental in animating and illuminating the movement with the Lula Livre Festivals that gathered crowds in Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, remembering other great moments in the struggle for democracy. Lula Livre's banners and flags were displayed even among the crowd at football matches, here and in various parts of the world.

Lula's moral strength was and still is such that even with the absurd revocation of his candidacy, defended and recommended even by the main body for the defense of Human Rights of the UN, but ignored by the Brazilian Justice, that the candidate to run in his place, Fernando Haddad just didn't win the presidential election because our opponents resorted to illegalities such as the leak a week before the election of Palocci's farcical testimony reverberated in the mainstream media, the industrial machine for sending fake news, mainly to cell phones in the Southeast region that houses the largest contingent of voters, illegally paid for by a grotesque network of shady businessmen, in addition to maneuvers by the major media in not promoting debates between Bolsonaro and Haddad. Which makes it clear that Moro did not act alone, but supported and encouraged by a vile articulation of the Brazilian ruling classes.

It is evident that the annulment of Lula's convictions and the restitution of his political rights do not pay for or erase the injustice and personal damage against him and, even worse, will not reverse the election of a genocide linked to the militias and deplorable segments of the Brazilian society that only tragedies have caused to the people and our country, such as the return of hunger, the withdrawal of social rights, the destruction of environmental heritage, the criminal death toll from covid-19, the drop in Brazilian income and the huge unemployment. But they, by returning political citizenship to the best president this country has ever had, show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that is, they bring hope that it is possible to put an end to this tragic and criminal government and replace Brazil back on the path of Democracy and development with inclusion and sustainability, with the election of Lula who confirms himself as “the great leader of this Brazil made unhappy by Bolsonaro”, as journalist Mino Carta stated in his editorial this week.

We have to congratulate and thank Lula for everything he means, has done and still does for this people and for our country! Lula is free and eligible, but as he always says, the fight continues. And as the leaders of popular movements say, those who don't fight, don't live. And the people's struggle is long and their path is stony!

* Simon Peter he was state deputy (2003-2015) and municipal secretary of services in the government of Fernando Haddad



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