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In Cornélio Procópio (PR) an anti-fascist collective was formed to resist obscurantism

A specter hovers around Cornelius Procópio.

Located in the north of Paraná, the city has 48 inhabitants and, apparently, is home to both defenders of the current misgovernment (who persist in blindfolding) and opponents of the state of improvisation, unreason, denialism, prejudice and violence, which contaminated the country.

In August 2020, the AFCP Community – Antifascism Cornelius Procópio was created, in the Facebook. In the description of the collective, there is information that it is a “non-partisan support group for Cornélio Procópio's democracy”. The importance is not small. In addition to sharing news that should be of general interest, they raise awareness of issues that directly affect citizens, in addition to the miniature of Christ the Redeemer – one of the points of agglomeration in the city. An example of this resides in the controversial, but possible, appointment of a councilor to the Presidency of the City Council (referred to in the poster reproduced at the end of this article).

The AFCP collective organizes itself to revive hearts and minds that may be asleep. One of his feats has been to advertise in outdoors with a view to awakening the conscience (or collaborative omission?) of distinguished fellow citizens – daily uninformed by most of the media, apparently favorable to the current political (con)management. The collective's initiative is courageous and stimulating. Attitudes like this suggest that resistance to the anti-project underway in the country (which contaminated the supposedly “good” men and women) needs to be exposed and denounced.

If I am not mistaken, in CP – like what happens in certain capitals of this US neocolony – consciences are selective and the anti-corruption discourse is second only to the fallacies of surrenderist “patriotism”, of past “modernization” and of tyrannical “democracy”, taken forward by public figures who, while costing the coffers billions, take pleasure in tearing down institutions rather than protecting them.

From Cinemateca to SUS, no one is safe. It remains to be seen how long the nonsense of “entrepreneurship” without a clientele will last; of the “free” market, amidst the absence of civil liberties; the militia, ruralist and theocratic “anti-corruption”; of “free” initiative, among the miserable that only increase, etc., will continue to maintain supporters of the supposed anti-communism.

*Jean Pierre Chauvin is a professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP.


Figure 1 – One of the billboards released by the group.
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