An unfounded judgment

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Reply to Mario Maestri's article

Very expensive,

I do not believe that the present moment in Latin America, with so many challenges ahead of us, is suitable for us to hold a debate on our personal political trajectory, whose outcomes are easily verifiable, both in terms of form and content, incidents on democratic struggles and libertarians of recent decades.[I]

We made, like so many others around the world – after the fall of the Soviet regime – our choices “on the left”. And there are the, at the same time, precarious, but also great results of the struggles waged by the left in Latin America. With our different nuances, we are returning to the political scene and we are even managing to hear from each other.

I register with surprise and perplexity, on the other hand, the comparison you make of my action as Minister of Economy of the concertation, in Chile, to the performance of Minister Guedes in Brazil, as I consider such an analogy an offense to my trajectory as a man of the left. Your judgment is very unfair and lacking foundations, in relation to who – in an extremely delicate moment of that complex transition – committed himself, body and soul, to hasten the breakdown of the political power of the dictatorship and open new times, like these, of victory (which you despise) of President Boric, built on the rubble of Pinochet's murderous regime.

In any case, I am happy to know that you are – although absent – ​​alive and courageous, because in these last 48 years of struggle I have heard absolutely nothing about you, although I have met dozens of our comrades who came out of hiding. They are companions endowed with different resistance options and on different paths, but participating in the fights without the petulance of “judging”, but seeking to understand the paths of each one, guided by the examples of our best.

Receive my cordial greetings.

* Carlos Ominami, Economist, he was Minister of Economy of Chile.



[I] Response to the article published on the website the earth is round, on December 25, 2021.

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