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The extreme right does not want the political existence of any people who oppose its plan to eliminate democratic societies.

The extreme right has a common method of action in the world. Its construction obeys a very detailed plan. It needs to eliminate rival forces on the same political spectrum and focus forces on creating chaos. The takeover of the Republican Party of the United States by “libertarians” followed the same systematics. We have important lessons to learn from this experience.

First of all, it is necessary to say what this label of libertarians means. A movement that emerged against the entry of black people into American schools in 1956. His intellectual mentor was James McGill Buchanan, author of the famous “public choice theory” and honored with the Nobel Prize in economics. In fact, there is no Nobel Prize in Economics. The correct one is economics prize named after Alfred Nobel.

The name of his main theory (public choice) might suggest something that emphasizes the importance of correctly choosing the interests of the public. But that is not his intention. He hated democratic regimes. He hated civil rights, what we call human rights. He hated public officials who obeyed the interests of the majority of voters. Such officials could be government officials, career officials or parliamentarians.

In short, James McGill Buchanan hated any trace of popular participation. To combat such participation, he created the Virginia School of Economics, much more influential and powerful than the neoliberal movement. Its tentacles have spread across economic schools across the United States. From there, they began to attract postgraduate students from all over the world. From Brazil too.

Such students returned to their home countries and ran their own graduate programs. From these places attacked all the divergent views. They expelled dissonant teachers. They began to occupy undergraduate disciplines and train militants on an almost industrial scale.

It was not necessary to form students with full knowledge of their philosophical foundations, so they encouraged the philosophy of meritocracy, a subtle way of saying that decisions about the destiny of a country should be in the hands of specialists, or rather, its specialists.

They began to occupy public positions in justice, prosecutors and judicial branches. In private banks and in the Central Bank. In government and parliamentary advisory services. How many were not employed in left-wing governments under the cloak of efficiency.

They occupied digital platforms with algorithms that select content favorable to them and spread it like wildfire in a dry forest. And algorithms that hide and underreport content that is unpleasant to their anti-democratic, racist and anti-social desires.

Their tactics involve producing absurd statements coming from pastors, deputies, digital influencers, artists, TV and radio presenters. Such statements trigger agents that attack schools, oppressed populations (blacks, women, LGBTQIA+, minority religions, poor people, northeasterners, indigenous people, among others) and people with different political views.

His plan is divided into three fronts: (a) brutal attacks with assassinations, preferably; (b) attacks on right-wing opponents; and (c) attacks on the left, or on all those who want some mechanism to reduce inequalities and social humanization.

The brutal attacks want the attacked groups to end up voting on laws that worsen conditions for democratic coexistence. The establishment of a surveillance state that turns out to be a trap to be used later by the extreme right itself. Large-scale chaos followed by the militarization of life.

Attacks on right-wing opponents are gradually silencing the voices of the moderate right, who believe in rules and institutions. Even the authoritarian right, but which is not absolutely faithful. We have the cases of the abandonment of Deltan Dallagnol and the next abandonment of Sérgio Moro, in addition to the attacks on Tarcísio de Freitas. The extreme right does not want the political existence of any people who oppose its plan to eliminate democratic societies. She wants faithful dogs willing to do anything.

The left and those who have any plan for income redistribution and social improvements to achieve more humane societies are their mortal enemies. To eliminate such enemies the extreme right will prepare constitutional changes, change rules, expel from universities and schools, from the media, slowly preparing militarized chaos, until the majority cries out for its “help” to stop the chaos and bring “order”. ”.

We deal with the most dangerous of enemies. And it creeps slowly invading our homes, schools, universities, churches. As I said before, we are not fighting neoliberals who want to privatize state-owned companies. We fight an enemy not understood. A monster that sneaks in to slit our throats in a long night of terror!

* Fabio Sobral Professor of Economics at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

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