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Mr. Decotelli is already on a par with the one who sat in the chair of the MEC until recently, because he tries to give “little ways” to his curriculum, either because of his hunger for power or because he must imagine that he lives in a time of ignorant

People who teach and research in Brazil have no reason to hold academic titles as an object of dispute and desire. The unequal and unjust country for centuries has demanded that most researchers in the sciences of nature and culture seek scholarships and aid, along with raising children, family support, project disputes, human vanities, work in precarious conditions and compliance with deadlines. For that very reason, the titles are working documents, which is enough.

So it has been and thus many thousands of colleagues have completed their study cycles, in a herculean effort that relies on the indispensable presence of state research foundations, CNPq, Capes and other auxiliary lines of academic support. This country has succeeded in this aspect of its social life despite everything that stems from its social inequalities and injustices. Data are always on the tip of the tongue of every person who belongs to these groups of intellectual workers, but citing them is not the purpose of this text. It is enough to recognize the enormous effort and solidarity of this intellectual field, as the most consolidated universities formed young universities throughout the national territory and far beyond Brazil.

This effort has demands, which entail repairs and changes, but it also has the dignity of preserving values. One of them is the truth of the results, transformed into data and facts placed in the curricula of academic work, especially in the Lattes-CNPq. Passport to a lifetime's work.

Mr. Decotelli, the new minister of education, lied to the nation and to the president about his doctorate and the academic guidance he received. Both the Universidad Nacional de Rosario and the alleged thesis advisor have already revealed the truth to those who know how to see, read and hear. In the case of guidance, as serious as the title, Dr. Freitas to the press was dubious, perhaps due to the relationship between CNE and MEC, although the former is a Brazilian state institution and not a government agency. The fact is, there is no naivety about this phenomenon of title and orientation narrative. There are lies, disrespect for the hard work of thousands of Brazilian and foreign colleagues and mere formulation of nomenclature of titles without reason or value. Intellectual honesty was lacking and ideological falsehood remained. What remains for Me Decotelli is the emergence of sycophants and opportunists arranging historical excuses (ie generalized attacks and slurs) to justify and normalize the repulsive act of lying about academic achievement. Or justify in a whimpering rhythm: “everyone makes mistakes in this world”. Popularly it is said "throwing dirt on the fan". There are always candidates for this post.

It is known that academic work titles, in republican history, bypass the immediate interests of the vast majority of the people, the vast majority of legislators and even many sectors of the executive and judiciary. For this very reason, titles have become assets, myths, fetishes in the history of Brazil. Here, once again, this intellectual horror is updated and causes shame, except for all those who are not at all bothered by the reason for these work titles. After all, no one needs an academic title except people imbued with the vocation and attitude of research, everything understood as work. Mr. Decotelli should have had his nomination revoked by the president himself in light of this fact. It wouldn't even matter the ministry, but in Education the fact becomes a predatory monster of history. Contradiction pushed beyond acceptable limits. However, judging by those who preside over us, does anyone believe this? Now, even in the legislature, luck is being given to the new minister and his lie just because he replaces the unspeakable fugitive to Miami under official cover.

Mr. Decotelli is already on a par with the one who sat in the chair of the MEC until recently, because he tries to give “little ways” (which in fact do not exist) to his curriculum, either because of the hunger for power, or because he must imagine that he lives in a time of ignorant , submissive and “handsome”.

Repeat yourself. There are so many difficulties in acquiring academic work titles that perfection, maximum grades or, worse, internal dispute for the title are not required. We are also unequal in research procedures, in the diversity of areas, in the composition of committees, in orientation disputes. But a doctorate title is not to be confused with the end of credits, since the absence of approval of the thesis completely compromises what is usually called a postdoctoral degree. How to do it without the indispensable previous title? Therefore, further explanations of Me Decotelli are needed.

In a serious country this gentleman would have no reason to remain a minister. However, it is very likely that the highest levels of power will shrug their shoulders and say that it is an internal matter for the MEC and the executive. AND the ship goes...

What remains is not a Lattes problem. It's a disgraced historical value. Which connects to others of these “Brazils”, under different strategies, but the same principles: the misery of the majorities, the exclusions of various orders, the murder of poor adolescents by the police forces, privileged forums, the tacit denial of the republican spirit. If there is any consolation, it comes from understanding that we still don't have a true Republic. It was proclaimed and not lived. Let Euclides da Cunha say so. The Colony and the Empire confuse our times and our attitudes. Other doctors without a formalized and formalized title must be in line to grab their slices of power.

* Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior professor at ECA-USP.

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