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Much of the press seeks to silence and make the leftist opposition invisible. This prevents Brazilian society from having access to other political positions other than the two dominant

By Simon Pedro*

At first, I was, like many, intrigued by the half-baked research of the Data Sheet – with interviews made by telephone, on days 1o on April 3rd – published in various media outlets. Not only in relation to its result, which could suggest a shower of cold water in those sectors that work in opposition to Bolsonaro's neo-fascist government, but also in relation to its method contrary to the traditional research methods it uses.

What would have led DataFolha to carry it out? The main result reinforces all the denialism of the genocide who occupies the presidency precisely on the days of acts against virus containment measures, and collaborating to throw firewood against the isolation defined by governors and mayor. Who funded the research was the banker who owns the newspaper, Luis Frias, owner of an online payment financial institution, which is more profitable than the newspaper?

In the survey, Minister Paulo Guedes, representative of the god Mercado, also does very well. It will come as no surprise if Doido, backed by a survey that shows that 59% of the population does not want him to leave, against 37% who do, takes a “pen” as he promised, to open trade and services and free up the return to activities. classes immediately.

But the research, with all its precariousness, ends up showing the contradictions in the power bloc that sustains and disputes the government's decisions and directions. Despite showing a certain meltdown in Bolsonaro's approval, the survey ends up strengthening those who continue to defend his permanence because he is the one who has the popularity to keep this extremist scheme in operation under the tutelage of the military.

The design of the militarized government predates the virus. Comes with the deputy, Mourão. He and his colleagues are generals who are close to physiological issues, competing for positions and ministries within the government and tending towards the extreme right and surrender. This Heleno is a typical hard-line military extremist. So much so that Paulo Guedes acts criminally against the rights and workers, he sells state-owned companies, blowing the reserves, governing for the bankers in the first place and none of them makes the slightest objection. They need Bozo.

For me, it is Steve Bannon's military strategy and the daily actions that the fascist takes to maintain his hard core of support, formed by fundamentalist evangelicals, today predominant among the poor, and white extremists, from the middle class and the rich, as seen in the motorcades and acts, which aim to maintain this neo-fascist base in support of the government. Attacking the “enemies” of the “myth”, such as Congress, the STF and China, speaking ill of the Opposition that fulfills its role of overseeing and denouncing the government’s errors and bad intentions and which they call “communists” and attacking the press and daily journalists are items that make up the authoritarian broth desired by the president and to feed his base of 20 to 30% of the electorate. This fascist base exists and is structured with resources, social media and communication strategy, with the help of military intelligence logistics and has been strongly consolidated, as we pointed out throughout 2019.

But it is also important to understand the role that a large part of the press plays in silencing and making the leftist opposition invisible, in addition to listing other presidential candidates on duty, as it now does with Mandetta, contributing a lot to the maintenance of this hard core of neo-fascism. Everything to guarantee Paulo Guedes, player bankers, who have partners or creditors in many newsrooms. Brazilian society, through the mainstream press, is without the right to have access to other political positions than the two dominant ones. Thus, Folha's research lays bare this contradiction present within the power bloc that supports the neo-fascist government, one reinforcing the other.

In this scenario, the left will have a long and painful path. Look at the new attempt to extinguish the PT in action by prosecutors in favor of the infamous Lava Jato. Certainly at Moro's command and as an immediate response to the Letter from the Opposition leaders asking for the fascist's resignation, filed that same week.

Leaders of opposition parties, social movements and democratic entities need to strengthen and intensify their communication strategy, essentially through social networks, maintain serenity and firmness in denouncing the inadequacies of the federal government's actions to face the coronavirus crisis , from the trickery of Guedes and Maia to maintain the agenda of ultraneoliberal reforms, propose a way to strengthen the role of the State in managing the economy and present and fight to approve public policies that protect the employment and income of the working and poorest population, so that it doesn't pay the bill alone, in addition to stimulating the best practices of solidarity in our society.

As the pandemic evolves, the framework may burst the neo-fascist bubble and help with a plan to weaken and remove the president, but it may also deepen social and health chaos, creating justification for postponing the 2020 municipal elections and implementing a more hardened regime, dream of Bolsonaro and his faction. In any of these situations, the Left needs to be united, firm and serene to impose political defeat on Bolsonarism and gain points to return to government or to continue its important and fundamental role of active resistance in defense of the Democratic State of Law, Democracy and of Social Justice.

*Simao Pedro he was state deputy (2003-2015) and municipal secretary of services in the Haddad administration.

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