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The restoration of a contaminated government must take place with the integral and complete repair of this contamination, resulting from a progressive deterioration of the political environment due to the rise of Nazi-Fascism.

The contamination of an election by groups that used cracks, fake news, militias and organized crime to come to power, could harm an entire nation as this current government has been doing.

Newspapers and TV news are there in our daily lives to prove the damage caused.

The restoration of a contaminated government must take place with the integral and complete repair of this contamination, resulting from a progressive deterioration of the political milieu due to the rise of Nazi-fascism.

For this restoration to take place, one of the key points in the question is the value of the vote, and here we propose a formulation so that it can happen soon.

In this way, the restoration of a contaminated government happens when the majority of the population can return to the polls and present their democratic aspirations, without containing contaminations.

In order to try to give an answer to the value of the vote and the restoration of the damage caused by a contaminated election, formulation VV = 57ME xBS = 1,1MI + 51mM + PD can be considered as a simple symbolic reference, where:

VV = value of the vote

ME = millions of voters

BS = Bolsonars

MI = millions infected by the coronavirus

mM = thousand deaths from the coronavirus

PD = proto-dictatorship

Thus, for this restoration to occur, the term BS = bolsonaros would have to be replaced by the term ED = direct elections, which is related to the impeachment of the presidential-military ticket elected by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), which has already been analyzing this possibility, due to the excesses identified in the last presidential elections.

This would be the first step, which could be followed by others, such as, for example, a political reform now, via Congress, with a barrier clause for parties, a five-year term, without re-election, in a general election for all elected positions. , also coinciding with the 2020 electoral calendar, if that's not dreaming too much.

It is noted that the withdrawal of term BS = bolsonaros of the formulation, will not change the mark of the more than 1,1 million infected by the coronavirus (1,1 MI), nor bring back the lives of the 51 people killed by the coronavirus (51 mM), caused by the total lack of compassion of the president and his authoritarian government, which, moreover, gave rise to this protodictatorship (PD) that we are living and which was elected by 57 million voters (57 ME) on 2018.

In this way, the formulation VV = 57ME X andD = 1,1MI + 51mM + PD should be considered, with the replacement of the term BS by the ED, as an initiative to solve the problem of contamination of the last presidential election, which may undergo new adjustments and refinements, as with regard to the term PD = protodictatorship, because it seemed that everything indicated that we would never have to live with him again and that was not exactly what happened.

“In life there is only one way to be happy. Live for others” (Leo Tolstoy).

*Heraldo Campos He holds a PhD in Sciences from the Institute of Geosciences at the University of São Paulo (USP).

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