Walter Delgatti

Marcelo Guimarães Lima, Purple Night, digital painting, 2023.


Like it or not, Walter Delgatti is our Julian Assange. The omission in your case is objectively acquiescence to the power of the oligarchy

Walter Delgatti, the man who, on his own initiative and showing personal courage, revealed the crimes of Lava Jato, in a land where the iron heel of the oligarchy encourages cowardly and absolutely irresponsible conduct on the part of friends, underlings and servants, and even by some one of the so-called official “opponents”, Walter Delgatti is arrested and now sentenced to 20 years in prison.

They are on the loose: Sérgio Moro, Deltan Dallagnol, the person or persons who ordered the murder of Marielle Franco, coup generals, the entire group of the Republic of Curitiba, judges who supported the 2016 coup, police officers who shoot and kill residents of peripheral communities, the bosses and commanders of these police, businessmen who carry out big coups in the square, the Bolsonaro family and their accomplices and associates, big tax evaders, owners of large estates that invade public lands and indigenous lands, arms dealers, the articulators and leaders of the coup 2016, the great manipulators of mass communication, state agents collaborating with foreign power, militiamen, religious people who support and articulate the extreme right-wing coup, murderers of indigenous people, land grabbers, murderers of blacks, etc.

This list is necessarily incomplete. Readers may, if they wish, add names and designations.

Macunaíma was a hero without any character because he was multiform and a peripheral character of the great white colonial civilization of Brazilian multicentennial history. In postmodern terms, we could perhaps say that Macunaíma embodied “difference” as such, he was multiple, he was equally hybrid and marginal, another of himself, the wandering metamorphosis of popular song, spontaneous strategist of subordinate classes and peoples, his lack of character designated the place where the dominant gaze was unfocused, designated the negative of the affirmation of domination with its professed values ​​and perspectives.

Of another origin and nature, I think, is the manifest absence of character in Brazilian public life (and correlatively in the private life of the rulers) as a kind of implicit, imposing norm, of the current heirs of the slave power in the remote history of the country, which is symbolically and materially self-perpetuating in Brazilian modernity and post-modernity.

For the Brazilian ruling class, faithful to its colonial origins, everything is allowed. According to the Dostoevskian dictum: God is dead, therefore, everything is permitted. But in a society that believes itself to be deeply “spiritualized”, God, the guarantor of morality and law and order, cannot die. God is co-opted in the system of cronyism of the most equal, and thus everything is allowed to those above. Public morality has private owners who enforce their centuries-old rights of "use and abuse."

The ruling class and its justice proclaim in the country that was once the homeland of Macunaíma: no gesture of civic courage will be tolerated, no public virtue will go unpunished, no initiative of moral firmness will fail to be curbed by all means. Acts for the common good, no matter whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be harshly punished as the scandalous and dangerous acts that they are, since above all they threaten the established universal system of prized malpractice, swindling, manipulation and hypocrisy.

Like it or not, Walter Delgatti is our Julian Assange. The initiative to monitor and reveal the moral and ethical rottenness and the destruction of our precarious legal system by the Lava Jato operation, in which the Brazilian judiciary system and those responsible, the political system and the press were an accomplice by action and omission in a collusion of interests pecuniary and anti-people and anti-nationalist ideology, this initiative by Walter Delgatti allowed the overthrow of the authoritarian project expressed in the so-called “Republic of Curitiba” and contributed definitively to the retreat of neo-fascism and the victory of popular forces in the defeat of Bolsonaro in 2022.

But the victory of the popular forces is by no means consolidated, the clashes continue and the resistance of the Brazilian oligarchy (its “structural coup d'état”) will not be defeated without its instruments of power, in the political structure, in communications, in (deployment) ) economic order, are withdrawn, modified and redirected to the democratic control of the majority of the Brazilian people.

Until then, we need all initiatives that favor the fight against oligarchies and their de facto dictatorship. Walter Delgatti's actions are objectively inserted in the context of major contradictions in the national situation that generated the 2016 coup, the election of the neo-fascist president, the tragedy of Bolsonaro's presidency, and the current clashes within the ranks of the Brazilian ruling class. The internal struggle of the current political system against Bolsonarism also serves to divert attention from the role of the 2016 coup and its agents in the ongoing project of consolidating the Brazilian “post-democracy”, as we charitably call the regime. current situation and its ambiguities.

Walter Delgatti, as well as Julian Assange, each in his own way and in his different contexts, participated and participate objectively in the same fight against the lies and manipulations of the masses, against the material and moral corruption that sustains the power of the regional oligarchies and global. In the case of Delgatti, even his co-option for Bolsonarism in the context of his personal difficulties and ambiguities, does not undo the role that what we can designate as the “cunning of small local history”, the objective irony of facts and their contexts, reserved for him in the fights against neo-fascism, despite the limitations, and here we leave aside the apparent facilities of immediate judgment, both its own and, more importantly, the more than evident cognitive limitations of its recruiters.

We must, therefore, support Walter Delgatti against his more than evident ideological condemnation. The omission in your case is objectively acquiescence to the power of the oligarchy, whose effective lack of character, that is, in everyday language, the lack of shame demonstrated a thousand times in daily life and in history, contaminates Brazilian society like a mortal disease. .

*Marcelo Guimaraes Lima is an artist, researcher, writer and teacher.

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